Japanese Sumi-e painting with bamboo brush and black ink on rice paper is my passion. I learned it from my old teacher Mr. Hiroshi Yamamoto in Toronto’s Japanese Cultural Center.

What is Sumi-e?

Sumi-e literally means “ink painting” and is an art form that strives to convey the essence or spirit of the subject, object or scene in the fewest possible strokes. Once a stroke is painted, it cannot be changed or erased. This makes ink and wash painting a technically demanding art-form requiring great skill, concentration, and years of training.

It’s a style of painting that is characteristically Asian, as it has been practiced for well over a thousand years.

I am captivated by Sumi-e because of it’s grace. The contemplative form of painting is enjoyable both to view and to create. Sumi-e may be regarded as the earliest form of expressionistic art that captures the unseen.

Custom requests are welcome!
It is suitable for any interior from chic and classical to modern style.

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