Hello, I am very much eclectic and eccentric , pretty much sums me up in a nutshell.Determined to succeed

I an working on uploading some more content to my portfolio, so check back anytime.

Tools a camera basic digital, bryce, daz studio, photoshop, gimp. My imagination ,and, my feet that take me places.

Thank you so much for stopping by! May all of your wishes come true ♫

P.S most everything is on sale so grab the deals while you can!

Any questions Bubblemail me or If you are not a member you can reach me at insanevirtue@gmail.com


Check out these wonderful people/artists they rock!

  • Age: 48
  • Joined: October 2007


Bought me own work

I ordered the photographic prints and the res. is AWESOME!!!
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Crash boom. lol. I'm here for the minute

Hey everybody!!!! Much love and a BIG huge thank you for your continual support!! I’ve been offline for a month of sundays … I know : ( Been doing alot of reflecting … and the gathering of marbles thing lol anyhoo whanted to give ya all a quick shout out to ya.. will bbs take care and thanks again
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Missing you

I’m in limbo my love to you all.. May peace be ……….. Much love take care …. ♥ Tammy
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Thanks E1

for stopping by, sooo wrapped up in my art and stuff, library time limits suck :( nehoo congrats on al the sales and to many more lots and lots of luck TC and hagd/n
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