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Thanks RB - The Leica has Landed

Got home today, to find the Leica sitting on my door stop (thank goodness no one came walking past). I can’t believe it made it here so fast, so credit to the RB team well done guys. It was well wrapped and took a good 10 minutes to remove from it’s bubblewrap safehaven. Katie took a few shots of the remove process, but since the house isn’t clean they have been censored out (lol). But she did take a few of my getting aquainted with my new baby and things got pretty intense from the outset. It’s a gorgeous little beast. So after a few snaps were taken I took it into my Den for a introductory photoshoot, no I don’t have film yet so I couldn’t use it, it was the Leica doing the modeling :) Hope you don’t mind me sharing a few of my images with you, and again a HUGE thanks to the RB staff, Brian Murray and everyone here! (And I don’t even have a rubber duckie for it to pose with!).


Craig obligatory cheesy grin, Canvas on the wall (yes yellow walls eek), card and the gorgeous Leica in hand.

It was Love at first sight, a deep mechanical magnatism

The Photoshoot begins (strobist style)

Isn’t it cute ?

“Come on, smile for the camera!”

Ok then just one more!

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