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Craig Goldsmith

Sydney, Australia

NOTE : All Proceeds from Sales of my work go to support the link Steven T. Hill Foundation / Thank you for your Support of a very worthy...

Portfolio Clean Out - Your Vote Counts

I’m looking for nominations of what to cull out of my portfolio, I have my eye on a fair bit of my earlier work which well for me isn’t up to scratch. My difficult is I find myself to be my toughest critic so I’d like to open this up to anyone that wants to name any images they think don’t belong, I’ll compare that to my own list and then let the culling begin. I currently have 75 works for sale and I don’t know that feels like too much so I’m looking to cullt 10-25 at a guess, that said I don’t want to be like a overzealous gardener and prun it back to hard.

So feel free to jump in and nominate any number of shots to go up onto the chopping block, if a image has already been nominated still list it as more votes will spell doom for the image in question.

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