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Feature Artist Matthew Bonnington

Foreword : Inspired by other JE featuring fellow artists, I thought I’d do some myself, who better to feature then someone I already know, I hope to do these regularly to help promote other RB artists. My first attempt can be “found here”: promoting “Rebecca Zachariah”: .

Hey Bubblers,

I thought I’d take a moment to draw attention to a good friend of mine here “Matthew Bonnington”: on the Bubble and in real life that really inspires me to be a better photographer. He’s also in no small part responsible for my “Front Row Seats” as he saw the potential for a dramatic black and white when I did not.

I’ve known Matt for roughly two years and in that time I’ve always been inspired by his work, and his eye at finding “that shot”, recently I’ve been really impressed by his travel photos, getting in amongst the people and documenting them in their environment. I hope that by raising his profile here, I can guilt him into uploading some more great images but will see if it works.

Matt’s portfolio shows his breadth of talent with an interesting mix studio style and documentary, but it really is only skimming the surface. Please allow me to share a few images from his current RB portfolio.

Movement of Water, this dynamic shot captures so much movement and activity and I can only image how wet him and his camera would of got.

Black Smoke 6, don’t let the title fool you this is a sexy piece of artwork, the layers of smoke just draw you in. Check out his other smoke shots too, they are gorgeous.

Derelict Boat, showing his keen eye Matt has captured this aging boat with grace, and I love the muted tones, I’ve seen a stunning black and white version as well, it was brilliant.

Birds on a Roof, I’m not sure what I love about this image, but it really works for me, the composition is spot on, and it makes me smile.

Bamboo, one of my favourites from his travels to China, simple yet so affect and I’ve had a friend translate, the literal translation for each character is straight or righteous, wood and gentleman although it come be a persons name. I kind of like the idea of a righteous wooden gentleman 

Chinese woman – Leshan, Matt’s portraits I think go beyond just capturing a face and I really recommend checking them out.

Chinese man, I just love this chap, his blue hat, great green jack and the background just suits the image. He’s eyes, lined face and lovely smile, I’m sure he has some great stories to tell.

So please check out his work, and hopefully this will convince him to upload a few more, nothing like a gentle push from a friend. I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out Matt’s work.


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