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Help us choose the next NI t-shirts

New Internationalist is running a competition for their next t-shirt design. It will be printed on organic cotton, certified Fair Trade t-shirts using soy inks. / Vote for my design “Tread lightly” here! / / And the NI facebook page /!/
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Tiny Towns in Feb

Tiny Towns is an exhibition in the Adelaide Fringe. Exploring a new future of technology, energy and community Tiny Towns holds a mirror up to the way we live now and the way we will need to change. / All February and March. Exhibition not to miss. / FREE / All Feb and March / Location: / Bliss Organic Garden Cafe / 7 Compton Street / Adelaide / SA 5000 / Bliss is open at the following times: / …
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Blog me a blog

Here’s a blog Cass and I are doing. / / There are already three posts but this is the first one. / Thirty days have September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31… / Hey there, / We are Cass and John, a couple living together in Adelaide, South Australia. We are artists, writers and environmentalists. / Where we live, the weather has ch…
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Phone World Leaders to Demand a Real Climate Deal!

Today is a global day of action during which millions of people will be phoning their leaders either to congratulate them on supporting a safe climate future or demanding they step up to the plate if they don’t. Australia is one of the countries who are obstructing a fair climate deal at Copenhagen. / Join the global action and make a phonecall to Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong’s office to…
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