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Initially NO

St. Kilda East, Australia

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New book available

I’ve finally published a book of poetry on the internet. I’ve published poetry before, but it was hand sewn together and very limited availability. This one, ’Curl up and disappear is available from createspace and for $10 !

It’s a book of poetry that focuses on emotional nakedness and vulnerability. I’ve been through a lot of internal dilemmas recently. Thinking that mobile phones were a spy ring. Thinking that satelites were attacking me. Thinking a lot of weird things were going on that were not. This book looks at the view what happens after all that when I realise that I’ve imagined stuff, slipped into the nightmare, been half-asleep while walking around and that I have to take chemicals to stop that kind of thought occuring, chemicals that make me tired and not interested in doing art work.
‘Curl up and disappear’ features not only my poetry but is my front cover design as well.
I have so far designed all my books on, which include the humorous autobiography, ‘Percipience, outside the range of understood sense’ and the reverse fairytale, ‘Wolfing it down.’