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Initially NO enjoys reading poems in pubs and other venues around Melbourne and will be running West Word in Footscray this year. A...


Time capsule corner shop

150 years Lola Russell’s family have lived on the corner of King St & Latrobe St.…

Recognise the feat of that – the defiance needed. Everyone else would’ve sold up and got rich.

The result of Lola Russell being determined to stay in her family home is, a time capsule experience that Melbourne may not have for long. People only fight this hard to stay in places they love.


Lola has known the inner-city of Melbourne for 94 years, living at Russell’s Corner Shop since brought home from hospital at 2 weeks of age.

Get along to the launch of Lola’s memoir launch this Thurs 19th Nov 2015, if you can. It will be an experience well worth its while, particularly if you have an interest in Melbourne’s history, theatre and what made Lola stay put while sky-scrapers were build all around her an

Petition to stop psychiatric abuse!

Please sign this petition: to stop psychiatric abuse, including forced-drugging, electro-shock and other cruel inhumane treatments and get an apology for it ever having occurred.

Don’t let your name not be on this list!
(And please, send the link to your friends to sign)

Those diagnosed by psychiatry, under Mental Health Acts in Australia, have their rights to opinion denied, their rights to freedom from torture contravened.

Even the United Nations has declared that forced-drugging and electro-shock to be torture. It is not okay to call this ‘care’ and continue this horrific treatment of people who are in crisis.

Hearing voices and having un

‘Beings volume 1: without cognition’ published!

Beings volume 1: without cognition

A picture book of absurd illustrations
by Initially NO.

This is definitely not a book for children. The images explore strange shady moments in social gatherings, as well as: prejudice, horror, despair and idiosyncrasy.
‘Beings’ is social commentary in images, about how life can alienate us from our emotions and cause bizarre juxtapositions to occur.

A quirky look at the oneiric, bit of a laugh, bit of a challenge… very unusual… Something to look at, then look again to find a new take on it.
To get the first volume, go to:


Will be opening an exhibition of my poetry and artwork with a reading
On Thursday 15th March 2012 from 5pm to 7pm
At The Stables Art Studio
54 Burke Road Malvern East
Exhibition is open until April 5th 10am-5pm Monday to Thursday

You are welcome to come

Dan O'Connell Hotel book launch

I’m launching my book of poetry, ‘Felicity’
at the Dan O’Connell Hotel
on February 4th, at 2pm.
You are all welcome to come!
There is an open mic reading section as well, so bring your own poetry to read…

The Dan O’Connell Hotel is on the corner of Canning and Princes Streets in Carlton.

Hope to see you there.

I've started an art therapy course

I’ve started a course on transpersonal art therapy. I think it’s about finding meaning in ritual and helping guide others through their life dilemmas by engaging them in artistic expression.
I didn’t know North, South, East and West had meanings in a spirit wheel. This idea certainly gets the mind ticking over, but whether I can remember it all depends on how often I do these rituals.
I mean I could say why is North earth and East Air, why does air mean thinking and earth sensation?
All these things are new to me and I want to understand the reasons behind them, but sometimes the reasons are reasons like how come knife is spelt with a ‘k’ or for that matter why the sound of ‘nife’ means a blade.
Okay I’m being a bit cutting here and I want to be more critical of the process of art therapy t…

Plough Corner

We’ve found a little corner
To plant that poetry
As poets plough through
Their volumes literary.
Watch the words grow
As they gain rhythm
And a little rhyme.
There’s reason to be there
There’s reason to share
At Plough Corner
Where poetry is planted
And grows divine
Little poems
In all sorts of forms
Nourished by book worms
Breaking down
The sense and the sound
So more poetry is found.
There’s reason to be there
There’s reason to share
At Plough Corner
Where poets meet
And have a drink and bite to eat.

Every Tuesday Plough Corner meets, at the Plough Hotel in Footscray to read poetry at an open microphone. All poets welcome.

New book available

I’ve finally published a book of poetry on the internet. I’ve published poetry before, but it was hand sewn together and very limited availability. This one, ’Curl up and disappear is available from createspace and for $10 !

It’s a book of poetry that focuses on emotional nakedness and vulnerability. I’ve been through a lot of internal dilemmas recently. Thinking that mobile phones were a spy ring. Thinking that satelites were attacking me. Thinking a lot of weird things were going on that were not. This book looks at the view what happens after all that when I realise that I’ve imagined stuff, slipped into the nightmare, been half-asleep while walking around and that

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