First came the music and the poetry – now the images are coming. Just baby steps – putting toe in the water by using the images as a backdrop for the music and the poetry.

Have been sooooo inspired by Red Bubble so have signed up for a Photoshop course – have lots of ideas with some images I have not posted yet.

Thank you Redbubble for supporting everyone to find the artist within. This is real democracy in action.

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Featured 5 times!

I love RedBubble and I know my photography is getting better, both behind the camera and also after in the computer. So many people have helped me with critiques on my work and also the work of others – which I learn from. / I know I’m getting better and this is reflected in the fact that I have now been featured on group home pages 5 times – 2 different images in Outback Austr…
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