heavy room

she said so much, / she stayed silent.

spasm session

she clenched her fist, / and let go.

the great pondering

maybe, just maybe / in this lifetime / in your lifetime / in my lifetime / in our lifetime / maybe, our lives / maybe


she came, / she saw, / she stayed.

dairy dry

hola hola / o’ cheese o’cheese / aloha aloha

reality check

so, / what do you want you to do about it?

keyboard kilos

these fingers itch / flick / click / tick tick / slick / pick


lover, let’s labour.

the loneliest people

are in a crowd.

set space

this pillow, / cold, / warm them, / my love.

the penalty forgiven

such / their lives / remembered / always / lived / loved / without vain / shot / yet redeemed / sent home

stable hands.

write again, / learn again.

nothing but

without, / still searching.

priority of the imaginative spirit.

i am a child first, / a number last.

mr. bold.

that bird, she continues to wait. / this time, just this time, / just this one time, / she will no longer have to wait.

the first nomad.

yet to, / see / lands / hear / rhythm / smell / aroma / taste / flavors / touch / earth, / yet soon.

still, found.

to behold / the ridges / the curves / the bristle / the slope / moving / moved / corners / ongoing / to listen / soft / quiet / the word / …

the two members of remembrance.

it may not have turned out the way we wanted it to, / but i remember. / i remember you. / i remember where it started. / i remember where w…

the prophetic mine.

bang, / they knew what it was. / they waited for it. / they knew that one day they would hear.

about it all.

sits, as she. / waits, as she. / loves, as she. / is led, as she. / as she is.

fevered hay.

bundled up. / accumulate. / then, / LOUD / e x p l o s i o n .

a forged home.

there is a land i dream of. / fire. / ice. / a freezing passion. / a warming calm. / there is a land. / a land beyond the dream. / ice. / l…


whilst / white. / while, / why? / whilst / white. / while, / whistle, / why?

winds of whims.

who saw what. / which she when. / where, so how.

the lines of thirties.

we are / we ate cheddar cheese / we hung up headphones and listened to each other / we brushed our teeth / and figured out that we don̵…

a beautiful blank.

wow, things have never been so clearer. / nothing. i see nothing. / nothing, there’s nothing. / nothing. / yet, / so / clear. / so cl…

don’t allow

approval or criticism to carry our passion.

Coming of age.

That was awfully loud in his right ear. He couldn’t count the decibels. The wall wasn’t as wide, or thick, as he imagined it wo…

you be me see.

piles, / and piles, / thrills, / and enthralls. / miles, / and miles, / the wonderlands of words.

one hundred metres.

time was running out, and he needed to know. / he pulled into her driveway. / she opened the passenger door. / she said bye. / he said bye.…

word on the street.

isn’t she gold? and she liked me. / i couldn’t, didn’t, understand. / but i stood there with the golden girl, / and asked…

The Tribe of Enough.

He never had much to say. He didn’t have much to say. / He only said one word. / Yes.

the vast visionary.

behind / stones / we / find / sand. / behind / sand / we / find / water. / behind / water / we / find / the / ocean.

the seventh hour.

these pages have been read over and over. / the fingerprints were eroding the ink. / he was barely able to make out almost every seventh wo…

life did.

what happened?

the best intentions.

she never understood, / the whys. / all he showed was the hows. / he thought that was enough.

the fleeting memorial.

how / in / the / world / did / it / not / come / to / this. / everything aligned. / oh, / past tense.

the fugitive.

a gravitational pull. / to picture, / booms, no glooms. / burning and dying, / growing and expanding. / breaking and colliding, / melting a…

The tennis court.

So that was it. There was nothing left to say. Everything that needed to be said, was said. There was enough time to think. There was enoug…

A hold of some z’s.

he was falling asleep, / it was a long night. / there were no buts, / he had a good night. / he wondered if she did too.

the bitter truth.

you know what you are. / ouch! / but do you know who are you?

Graceful scars.

imperfection is perfect for me.

A trip to Johanna.

that breeze, / didn’t smell the same. / the water has changed. / the air has changed. / the sand between her toes, / remained the sam…

Jericho’s walls.

CLAP / once, / significance? / CLAP / twice, / walls are starting to break. / CLAP, / CLAP, / CLAP!

pick a penny.

He counted the change in his pocket and fell short from having enough to call her. He didn’t really need that last coffee. He could s…

the spark.

two stones, / two sticks, / all / that / is / needed.

action words

words, / she whispered. / words, / she screamed. / words, / she hid. / words, / she showed.

the unframed man.

he will be a fine man, / free from fame.

bridge over pressing waters.

let’s take a trip down forget lane. / it’s necessary, / to move onto greener pastures.

the two way street.

blank, / blank, / blank. / keep going. / blank, / blank, / blank. / keep fishing. / full, / full, / full.

Catch 22.

seize Him, / it’s worth it.

take forgotten-where-i’m-up-to.

embrace mistakes, they are miss takes.

the infamous creative block.

stuck, / but can see through the holes.

the union parts.

they could, / it could never, / ever be. / apart, / that is.

He that giveth.

life starts with every breath.

Simon Says

“I’m Peter”

the courts.

this / was given by you. / you / use / it. / it / is / not mine. / it is / yours.

so and so.

ideas, / so / so / much / more. / His / ideas, / so / so / so / much / more.

The Timing.

and / that / bird, / yet / to / land.

the big bang theory.

much / more / to / witness. / much / less / from / meekness. / bold / has / arrived. / bold / has / transpired.

the great gap.

so long, / it’s been so long. / it’s here, / he said. / so long, / he said.

signs of symptoms.

he finally remembered to breathe again. / it could have turned out a whole different way. / man, was he relieved to breathe again.

ironing out.

i love / her skin, / pressed, / for mine.

Where it leads.

Why did it bother him so much? / He never paid much attention before. / But this time. / This time, this one time. / He loved her all the s…

All seeing.

It was all red. / It was there. / Passion. / Anger. / Sex. / It was all there. / He was red, / in, / and / out, / of love.

The Timing.

And that bird, / he was starting to get passionate, / so passionate he was getting cold.

the transcendence.

this might be blank and david had never closed his eyes before. for the first time, he might be seeing something new, something different. …

the greatness of grade F.

failure is a great thing, / it steers success.

drivers of passion.

the drive was lost.. / i preferred monotony for the reason of creative bursts. / it’s an uproar! / what was there to look forward to?…

see c, seas.

a / b / c / z / z / y / x / c / see.

building blocks.

this isn’t the edit i expected. / i expected, time to edit.

the necessary fall.

again, retry / retry, renew. / renew / afresh / afresh / a fresh start / the ocean, / the oceans. / the river, / the rivers. / it was worth…

down to earth.

he stared, he stares. / he stares, he glares. / he glared, he glares. / he glares, he cares no more.

neat storage.

she returned them. not all. / maybe she wanted to keep a few things to remember.

in and within.

spray. / SPRAY! / lay on the hay. / HEY!

certain colors.

the neon background colors you / the circular motion motions me to motion with you / free from emotion / lacking the need for a translation…

a private memento.

it is / problem / solving, / imagination / igniting / and mysterious.

The lady in red.

She captured, / his imagination. / He captured, / her motives.

chance may be choice.

That was it. / That was his only chance. / And he’s glad he didn’t take it.

seasons of shapes.

He couldn’t believe it to be true. At least he wished it wasn’t. / But yet, he hoped it would become the catalyst to change. / …
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