My other identity, my new website

My other website
I recently launched my other non art website about my other ’ identity’

This is an awareness site about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and contains my story.
So why mention it here? My art is one of the key things in my life that sustains me and helps me cope with the many losses relating to pain and a significant disability which started 7 years ago and dramatically dismantled my life. Art helps keep my energy levels up and my passion for life alive, how lucky is that!


  • Shylie Edwards
    Shylie Edwardsover 1 year ago

    I visited and read your life struggle……your a very brave and I congratulate you of your passion for life…..I have loved your drawings because they have full of life and emotion!!! Go Rosemary!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my crps site and story and for your heart felt comments. I have always admired your work too and find your freshness of approach quite inspiring.


  • doreen connors
    doreen connorsabout 1 year ago

    Hi Rosemary! Thanks for sharing your site… I feel like it has opened a window in to more awareness around the pain I’ve lived with for many years. I don’t experience the severity that You experience, although, I have known what that is like; and… heart goes out to You!

    I am especially familiar with the “overdoing it” (which can be “very little overdoing”) as a trigger for pain…and learning to ignore the advice of well-intentioned health care workers and friends…

    I also found a place of peace in the midst of pain… I wish You continuing support and love throughout your healing journey… :D

    I enJoy viewing your wonderFull art!

  • Thank you for taking the time to read my crps website and your empathy. I look forward to viewing your artworks properly but the quick look shows diversity and energy as well as talent. I am also reading some of your comments about meditation which I have finally got the hang of by not trying too hard! I believe when I am fully involved in my art I definitely go into another space and that creativity is at times a type of meditative state.
    Keep pacing and ignoring those well intentioned care workers and friends!


  • doreen connors
    doreen connorsabout 1 year ago

    haha…I meant to finish the part about “ignoring the advice” with “that told me to exercise more!!”