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Viki B

Viki B

Columbia, United States

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I’m an amateur everything. I took a photography class way back in high school a million years ago. I love taking photos of anything I can make sit still and some things that I cant. Occasionally I think some of them turn out quite good and I can’t wait to show them off. Mostly, I’m just happy I was out doing something fun.
I really enjoy playing with the finished photos digitally and occasionally I’m quite proud of one or two of them. Those are the ones that show up here now.

I paint rather badly in acrylics. But I do enjoy making quite the mess of myself and the canvas so I carry on and once in awhile I turn up with something I’m happy to let other people see.

I also write on occasion, sometimes well, sometimes not. Eventually I may post something or other that I’ve written here.

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