Out of character... and out of the country!

If anyone has any suggestions for strange things to see, great cheap places to stay, or wants to meet up for a drink… I’m heading for Europe. I’ll be incredibly grateful for any tips or advice you’vee got. I’ll be in Oxford for a week after Dec 6, then Milan, Padua and Venice for the next week or two, then in Spain ;-) Yup, it’s AWFUL being me.


  • Kitsmumma
    Kitsmummaover 6 years ago

    Have an awefully good time, stay safe!

  • thanks — I really Intend too. You have a great time over the holidays too.

    – Incognita

  • Cathie Tranent
    Cathie Tranentover 6 years ago


    I’m so envious … stay safe … have fun xxx

  • lol I’m jealous of myself! I will. And you too!

    – Incognita

  • rawbun
    rawbunover 6 years ago

    Take lots of pictures~~

  • You try and stop me!

    – Incognita

  • Donna Huntriss
    Donna Huntrissover 6 years ago

    I too am envious! Have a wonderful trip and stay safe! Maybe some gothic looking churches (or is that Paris?). Maybe do an internet search on spooky or “creepy” tourist attractions to visit, may help you out?

  • Thanks Donna. I suspect that we’ll just play it by ear. Strangeness has a way of turning up…

    – Incognita

  • Susan Grissom
    Susan Grissomover 6 years ago

    Grab James Morris’s book on Venice before you leave. ….delicious. your will view Venice differently and with an amazing eye. Send me travel tales and photos to my email along way and I will put on blog. Have great time!

  • I’ll look out for that book. Thanks Susan! I’ve only spent 1 day in Venice in the past, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve always thought that if there was a city that spatially resembled my brain, it’d be Venice.

    Though in reality, it’s probably Scranton…

    I’m hoping I get some time to write, so will happily send travel tales. Some of the things that we wrote about our last big trip, to Turkey in 2005-6, can be read @ http://www.a-website.org/turkish/index.htm

    – Incognita

  • Kaitlin Beckett
    Kaitlin Beckettover 6 years ago

    Ah, fantastic!! Have a ball. I’m going to cambodia…but not for very long :(

  • You too. I’d love to go to Cambodia. Can’t wait to see what you make afterwards.

    – Incognita

  • Incognita
    Incognitaover 6 years ago

    I feel terrible! Thanks so much for the gorgeous feedback — sorry i’ts taken so long to respond. My only excuse is that it’s been a crazy week (or 20). Tonight the graduates from the course I teach in had their exhibition — and it was fan-totally-tastic. If by chance you’re in Melbourne City tomorrow, drop by the Virtual Reality Centre, 41 Victoria St — it’s just off swanston and has a big sign saying rmit Building 91 (just to confuse things) — their show is only on for tomorrow. Their work (games and machinima), looks absolutely gorgeous… and, although I comprehensively sucked at each one of them, their games are really clever and engaging.

    Re my trip - my big plans are to see the museums in Oxford (unfortunately the Pitt River Museum, which is a fantastic 19C ethnology museum, will be closed ;( — well, Venice is self-explanatory, and in Spain I’m intending on following through some of the sites that feature in the novel ‘Manuscript found in Saragossa’ (which is my favorite book). I know that that sounds horribly precious, but it’s really a mechanism to make sure that we end up in interesting, but less obvious, places. Once in those places, I’m really interested in Muslim and pre-Reconquista architecture. I just really hope I don’t have to work too much.

    Anyway, if you want to see where we go, I’m pretty sure I’ll find time to post photos on my <a href="http://flickr.com/photos/incognita_mod/">flickr site at http://flickr.com/photos/incognita_mod/ </a> And of course dropping in at rb when I can.

  • rawbun
    rawbunover 6 years ago

    LoL~ Well make sure you bring spare batteries for your camera then~ Enjoy yourself lots~ You deserve it!! Thanks again for working so hard and teaching us for the past 2 years~!

  • Hey Miss R — it’s been a total pleasure! BTW do you want to look after the ‘Character Development’ group for me whilst I’m away?

    – Incognita

  • SusanSanford
    SusanSanfordover 6 years ago


    Funny, I was just posting photos of Venice on my blog last week…This is a great time of year to go, it is beautiful and not stinky. A great city to get lost in, and honestly, you don’t need a guide book because pretty much there is beauty wherever you go. Here is a link to a site you should know about if you don’t, mjt.org. A museum of strange things and things that never were, it is in Los Angeles so it will have to be another trip.

  • Hey Susan — thanks. I’ve actually been to MJT last year, but it’s always great to have another look through their web site… what’s your blog url — I’d love to have a look at your pics…

    – Incognita

  • rawbun
    rawbunover 6 years ago

    If you think I am trustworthy and qualified to do so, I’d be happy to help out.

  • Yay! I’ll promote you ;-D

    – Incognita