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Dust Up! (MoD Bulletin Oct 2010)

This epistle was generated by Museum of Dust’s office manager… it is reproduced here to demonstrate WHY contemporary museology is in such doldrums. With supporters like this, who needs … well, government bureaucrats? At least it’s attempting to promote rb.

You can read the original at Museum of Dust

“Amerikans, it transpires, can and will sell anything. Especially if someone else had the idea first.

Ice to Inuits. Coals to Newcastle. Poverty to the Third World. They are the world’s Ferenghi.

I may be sounding a little harsh and bitter… however our respected Director made it VERY clear that the first substance to go on sale in our soon to be launched museum store would, naturally, represent the core of our collection and our raison d’etre…

And now I discover that someone else has had the t

Museum of Dust updates

As many of you would know, I am the Director of internationally renowned institution, Museum of Dust. It is a sad fact of life, however, that my duties as trailblazing visionary mean that I am seldom there and I am forced to leave its day-to-day running to my staff.

Despite the fact that they supposedly the best that money can buy, sometimes they simply forget who is boss and take things into their own hands. The results (as you will see) are often appalling. Please note that their views are their own and may or may not reflect the official policies of the museum or, indeed, my own opinions.

In an effort to keep them on the straight and narrow, I have decided to start reproducing the staff bulletins here on red bubble.

Time will tell….

Out of character... and out of the country!

If anyone has any suggestions for strange things to see, great cheap places to stay, or wants to meet up for a drink… I’m heading for Europe. I’ll be incredibly grateful for any tips or advice you’vee got. I’ll be in Oxford for a week after Dec 6, then Milan, Padua and Venice for the next week or two, then in Spain ;-) Yup, it’s AWFUL being me.

Save the Murray River! Next year is too late...

This is from GetUp — but this is such an important issue that I’m posting it here on RB too. The Murray River is one of the world’s great rivers — in the 19thC it had more than 4000miles of navigatible waterways — now it is dying because of our greed and short-sightedness. If the Murray goes, so do thousands of species of uniques animals — many are already nearing extinction due to destruction of their habitats and competition from imported species such as carp.…

GetUp are petitioning the government — please sign their petition. Here’s what they say:

The Murray-Darling is at breaking point – literally dying of thirst.

The Murray-Darling Basin accounts for over 40% of Australia’s agricultural production and grows almost a third of all our food. It’s Australia’s food bowl. Could we survive w

Got an amazing collection?

I’m looking for people who collect things — the more idiosyncratic and interesting the better. If you’re interested in having your collection showcased to the world (for free), drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you……

MANY MANY MONTHS LATER: I’ll write a proper post about this when we’re ready to launch… In a nutshell, I’ve been working on <a href="http:??curiositycabi.net">Curiosity Cabinet</a>, a content sharing for collectors and objectphiles, for many many months. A friend and I started it as a kind of ‘Peoples’ Museum’, where the contributors were people like ourselves… people who can’t help gathering intriguing objects, as well as serious collectors. We’re still in development, but are slowly starting to get a few people’s collection in.

Please feel VERY welcome to join and share

Looking for a REALLY good PHP programmer

My IRL alter ego is working on a project that extends Museum of Dust into the community software sector.

She has real money to pay a real PHP head to customise and build extension modules for a white-label social software PHP core. Someone who can also write kickarse CSSs would be super ideal… otherwise also seeking a web designer who can do the same. Very happy to negotiate timeframes, etc.

If you can recommend anyone… or are the person above… PLEASE bubblemail me.

The wave keeps rolling...

Yes, Inky and my plan to fund Museum of Dust solely by the sweat of our brows is starting to bear fruit!

Two more teeshirts sold!!! … to incredibly insightful purchasers, obviously. Thank you SO much > because of your sacrifice MoD will now be able to start work on a major mural for the foyer > created entirely from diatoms arranged in an intricate and highly-detailed allegory, it will be a major drawcard for visitors from around the world.

Sometime later….. News just in!!! Another philanthropic exemplar of all that is good in humanity has purchased a ‘no god/no master/no santa’ tee… anarchists are my favorite people! El Cacaracha tried to make us give her a slice of the action (she insists that because it’s her edict it’s her IP! As if!!!), but luckily Inky took care of that…

Sales Tsunami!

I’m completely knocked out by the fact that you very very lovely, talented and brimming over with taste people have bought more of my things than I have sold in my life! The last 24hours have seen a veritable tidalwave of sales…. 2 calendars (thanks Susan G and CathieT!) and a tee-shirt (thanks mystery person > I hope that it gets to you in time for xmas… I always find it best to wear something that annoys everyone-else at the festivities…)

'A Commemorative Souvenir of Terra Incognita' Calendar

So, I think that the way that this works is:
1. You email me incognita@westnet.com.au with your real email, name and delivery address. Also your ph. number starting with a ‘0’ and the area code > the rb form won’t process without it ;-(
2. I send you a paypal invoice for $25US + postage and handling (rb admin says that it’s 2UK pounds or aprox. $4.50US)
3. Then, when I see it has been paid, I order with your address details on the order form.


Those calendars....

So I made a calendar ‘A Souvenir of Terra Incognita" for CathieT, but now I can’t work out what to do with it… how does anyone else see them and order them? Any advice very appreciated.

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