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My video published on Art Hub

Art Hub acts as a permanent observatory on the contemporary creative scene: in particular the project intends to improve through the Archives and the online platform artists working in video and sound art, promote the production and use of the works, to promote access to a wider and wider.

Artistic production is also promoted and supported by laboratories, workshops and events in which artists are invited to participate are selected by a committee of experts from the archive.ART HUB was launched in 2009 with the collaboration of the association freeUnDo Eccom and with the contribution of Cariplo under the ban “Enhancing the creativity of young people in arts and culture.” Art Hub To date not received any contributions and is entirely self-financed.

Watch the video

New links

Why not create two new links?
- The first, on “explore” page: challenges (all chellenges all groups-only image, title, groups & links)
- The second, on member profile page: challenges (challenges on work submitted for vote-only image, title challenge, groups & links)
I think that would increase the exchange between groups and there would be a greater participation

What do you think?