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Four days ago I posted photos of a neighbour’s farm burning….
Today it was our turn.
The horror of seeing the flames racing across hundreds of acres, and the trees burning, within five hundred meters of our homes, was quite overwhelming. Thank God, the wind changed direction and kept it away from our houses…..only my nephew’s house suffered damage although hundreds of acres were burned and a lot of this year’s hay crop destroyed.
Again I say how grateful I am to the volunteer fire fighters of this district and all who dropped what they were doing to come and battle the blaze. Without them, it would have jumped the highway and continued on towards town.

Hay burning….

The view from my back door tonight…..

All proceeds from the sale of this image and any other in this profile will go to the Wildlife Appeal to assist the silent victims of the bushfires in Australia.


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  • inAWE
    inAWEover 5 years ago

  • LindaR
    LindaRover 5 years ago

    I had no idea Wendy ~ I am so sorry this is happening ~ your pictorial is simply amazing ~ we can see and feel the devastation ~ I am so thankful you were spared and yes, the fire fighters are active angels here on earth ~ please know my heart is out there with you and be safe and well, so sad for those who have lost so much…xxx

  • thank you so much Linda….the thing is, it is miraculous that we are all okay, thanks to the timely wind shift, and the hard work and quick assistance of so many kind volunteers, not the least of whom was my brother, who I admire greatly (he is a fire control officer). Even my beloved father could not stay away as his precious land burned…he was down in the smoke on his quad bike…… it was a horrid feeling initially but we were all just so lucky. Many acres have been burned, but no homes were lost (my nephew’s house was right in the middle of the blaze, but they managed to save it….goodness only knows what it will smell like though!!!),
    hopefully no creatures lost their lives either, just a lot of my brother’s hay rolls…… and of course the trees….

    – inAWE

  • linskudd
    linskuddover 5 years ago

    Not on our News in the UK. How awful for you all. My thoughts go out to you. Thank you for keeping us informed. Fire is so terrifying – the noise as much as anything else.

  • There have been three bushfires here this week, we were just unlucky to have one so close to home…. but apparently all three were “LUCKY” as no homes or lives were lost….so that is a good thing…… all part of life where we live I guess….. (smiles)

    – inAWE

  • Tainia Finlay
    Tainia Finlayover 5 years ago

    Well done Wendy for bringing us some superbly atmospheric images! I am glad to hear no one was injured & homes were saved!! xx

  • Its a bit sad when the photographer in me gets excited about such potentially tragic situations….but after the initial shock and my tears at seeing “my homeland” burning, I enjoyed getting as close as I could to take some images….. Just so glad it all turned out ok!!! (It was a decision for me….stay home and wet down the house like everyone else was doing….or get out there and take photos…..!!!)

    – inAWE

  • Michael  Bermingham
    Michael Bermi...over 5 years ago

    Sorry to Hear it Wendy.

    But just think… when the Autumn rains come, the Re-birth will be spectacular!
    Animals will return, Birds will nest in the now hollowed out trees, It’ll be a mass of bright green on black everywhere. Photographic opportunities will abound.
    And As you know Fire is part of the circle of life. Many plants need fire to survive.

    No homes were destroyed, no lives were lost.

    All is well.

    (And I plan to become a volunteer fire fighter myself when I move to Bridgetown)

  • I agree entirely Michael…… I love to see how the earth regenerates after a fire, all that potash in the soil…..and of course how the australian flora LOVES a fire. Already my Dad is rubbing his hands together and exclaiming "that’s the first fire through the “emu plums” in my lifetime" LOL as it is a good thing! My nephews house had a bushfire in the forest around it last year, and that was the saving grace for him…..no debris and old stuff to burn this year……. so they were able to save his house.
    ALl in all, it seemed to be a very “fortunate” fire and today I see everyone hobbling around exhausted and with aches and pains, and miles of fences and water pipes need replacing, but no one is complaining……..
    As for the volunteer brigade, that is a good thing to be involved in……my brother is the FC officer here and many in my family have registered and trained…even my niece was out there in her fire gear helping……lI intend to do the same ASAP!!!! (wonder if I can carry a small “point and shoot” in my pocket when out fighting fires??)

    – inAWE

  • Enivea
    Eniveaover 5 years ago

    For those of us who live in the country this is an ever present risk, and these photos are a reminder to all of the power of fire. Like you, I feel for the myriad of creatures who perish in these conditions. My thanks that you and your family are unharmed.

  • Hi dear Enivea, yes, it is an ever present threat isn’t it….. I have to admit yesterday, when I saw the smoke, and realized it was my “homeland” it hit me so hard….. it was very frightening…..
    but after the initial shock, and when I saw the fire fighters had managed to contain it on our farm without it escapinig to other land and homes, it seemed ok. All in all we were just so very lucky.

    – inAWE

  • sentimentum
    sentimentumover 2 years ago

    Would look good in the enviormental awareness group

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