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8 new homes for my paintings...

Remember my 2013 Sketchbook project with 40 affordable little originals in 40 days for 14€/19$ including shipping each?
If not, you can read more about it here

I am thankful to all who motivated me to start and finish this project and happy that 12 of these small originals have found new homes, in 3 continents!

- 1 in Kell, IL, US
- 3 in Chicago, IL, US
- 1 in Ft Collins, CO, US
- 1 in Munich, Germany
- 1 in Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher, France
- 1 in Puebla, Mexico
- 1 in Newmarket, Queensland, Australia
- 3 in Casterton, Victoria, Australia

There are still 28 little mixed media artworks waiting for new homes though. Here they are:

Your holy tears
by Ina Mar

The beauty of your imperfections
by Ina Mar

The model's chair after a painting session
by Ina Mar

Intruding into her music
by Ina Mar

Man and violin

About Sempre Legato - The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition 2012

First of all I would like to thank everyone for your support and wonderful comments! I am sorry if this week I didn’t have the time to reply to all…

About my sketchbook Sempre Legato
The dolls’ parts were carefully assembled with needle and thread. I used one unique thread (a very long thread) to sew all dolls – the thread runs throughout the whole sketchbook, binding the dolls’ limbs with the rest of the body and at the same time binding each story with the next one.
My challenge was to conceive and draw each image in combination with the previous and next image, so that the holes for the thread correspond.

The painted stories talk about distance. There are many types of distance. Distance between our dreams and our realities. Distance between our conscious and our subconscio…