Closing my Fine Art America account

Two years ago, I opened an account on Fine Art America. I thought it would be nice to have several galleries – it gives more visibility. I had a premium account for one year, from May 2010 to May 2011. The next year I decided not to extend the premium account because I didn’t like their uploading system and some other stuff, but also because I had invested in art markets and didn’t want to carry costs to excess.

During the year I was NOT active and NOT a premium member, Fine Art America did not deactivate my premium account (system bug?). MONTHS after my premium account should have been closed, I sold 1 print. I was astonished that it was still possible to sell prints without being a premium member, but I did not write a complain letter – who would have?

A couple of days ago, I decided to reactivate my premium account for the period of May 2012-May 2013 and try to invest some more time in that gallery.
What did Fine Art America do? They booked 2 memberships!!! One for last year (May 2011 to May 2012), one for this year, so a total of 60$!!!

Their reply to my request for refund of the double fee was “You earned money on that sale, and it was during the time that you didn’t want to have your account”.
I replied them that if they sold my posters even though I was not a premium member, their system is defect and I don’t see why I should be penalized for that.

One week later, still no reply, still no refunding.

For me this is enough reasons to close my account immediately.
Or am I completely wrong?

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