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"Uncommon Materials to draw or paint with" and "Uncommon Supports to paint on" NEWS

In our two small and cosy groups, we are running a whole bunch of interesting stuff!
Each month, we publish a how-to written by a member of the group.
It’s all about experimenting with pigments and supports sourced outside of an art supply store. About promoting creativity and unconventionality and engaging conversation aimed at exchanging ideas and know-how between group members, to help us all improve and evolve as artists.

So here are our groups’ contributions to the RedBubble community from December 2011 until now.
Have you run out of ideas, out of arts’ supplies or out of money? Click on some of the thumbnails below and get inspired by our amazing artists, who are using their coffee, their daily newspaper, their old books, their fruit rests, their hot chocolate, their lipstick… to CREATE!

My abbreviations:
UM = Uncommon Materials to draw or paint with group
USPO = Uncommon Supports to Paint On group

The USPO May 2012 How-To:
Pascale Baud – The DicofAngle
The UM May 2012 How-To:
Fay Helfer – Pyrography and natural pigments
The USPO April 2012 How-To:
Thea – Painting on newspaper pages
The UM April Special:
Marsha Elliott – Painting with Beet Juice
The UM April 2012 How-To:
Joel Armstrong – Painting with rust
The UM March 2012 How-To:
Thelma Van Rensburg – Painting with food colouring
The UM February 2012 How-To:
Midori Furze
 – Painting with make-up products
The UM January 2012 How-To:
Dianne Ilka – Painting with coffee
The UM January 2011 Special:
Leunig – Messing around with edible and drinkable materials
The UM December 2011 How-To:
Angela L Walker – Painting with wax

Keep your eyes open and your “Favorite” buttons set for the next how-tos!

  • Zoe Trap: Altered Books
  • Andrew Cain: Painting with butter

I would like to thank my wonderful co-hosts, Thea and Donna Malone for their work and enormous help with the groups!

Want to write your own how-to and publish it in our group? Bubblemail me!

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