The Uncommon Materials April 2012 How-To: Joel Armstrong - Painting with rust

This month, the Uncommon Materials to draw or paint with group welcomes


as the contributor of our monthly How-To:
Painting with rust

[…] I’ve questioned the idea of what a drawing is, or more so what a drawing can be. What’s out of the question. I was partial to questioning whether a drawing had to be sketched cross paper – why not in a drawer? Did it have to be hung on the wall – why not on the floor? Most of all, did it have to be drawn with charcoal, pencil, ink – why not rocks, sticks, or wire?
Joel Armstrong

Lace gloves
by joel armstrong

Stainless Tea Pot
by joel armstrong

by joel armstrong

by joel armstrong

Big Wheel
by joel armstrong

Child's Drum Set
by joel armstrong

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