I paint what I want
and I want what I paint.

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Happy new year

Dear fellow artists, friends and followers, / Many wishes for a great 2015 full of health, love and creativity :) / Thank you all for your support, purchases, comments, likes and bubblemails! / Take care, / Ina / PS. I haven’t been active on RedBubble but you can follow me on Facebook and Saatchi…
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Family Album

At last… I completed the scanning of this series of 15… / If you want to check out the complete series, go to the first one, then always click the right arrow for “next”. / His Birth + Her Birth / His Childhood + Her Childhood / His Puberty + Her Puberty / His Youth + Her Youth / His Prime of Life + Her Prime of Life / Their Togethers + Their Aparts / His Maturity + Her Maturity / Th…
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New series "Empathy"

I have been working hard on a new series of large imaginary/real/hybrid soul portraits, depicting inner worlds, psychological conditions, personalities, obsessions, emotions, fears.. There are 72 portraits until now, the series is growing though… / I am not quite having the time to take pictures and post everything, I will be doing this one step at a time – some are online on my Facebook t…
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8 new homes for my paintings...

Remember my 2013 Sketchbook project with 40 affordable little originals in 40 days for 14€/19$ including shipping each? / If not, you can read more about it here / I am thankful to all who motivated me to start and finish this project and happy that 12 of these small originals have found new homes, in 3 continents! / - 1 in Kell, IL, US / - 3 in Chicago, IL, US / - 1 in Ft Collins, CO, US / - 1 …
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