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the Gnome's Knife

‘But don’t you see Mary?’� He shouted happily. ’I did it for you, it

was all for you!’� Smiling, Steve turned to look at her, his thin body

trembling with excitement. He knew he would be rewarded now, and

even the thought of her beautiful smile filled him with anticipation. He

loved her so much.

That hadn’t changed at all when she had left him. Two years ago.

Seven hundred and thirty days, and the wound still as fresh as when

she had ripped his heart and pranced out of his life. And now she was

back. He didn’t know what she thought of him anymore, but was

certain she still harbored some feelings, felt some sort of bond

between them. He had left an impression on her, and knew at one

point she had genuinely cared for him. No, it wasn’t how she felt

about him that worried him, it was whether or not she remembered

that incident. Continued to question his sanity.

It wasn’t really even that big of a deal, only one kid. No one would

miss the boy, he had reasoned. He was after all a very widely disliked

child. Loud, and obnoxious, and with no respect for anyone, he had

gotten his kicks out of stupid things like burning cats and shooting at

school buses. Someone else was bound to do the same Steve had

anyway, and he hadn’t seen it as that serious. Besides, when a lawn

gnome tells you to do something, you sure as hell aren’t going to

argue with it.

He could tell she had been shocked upon receiving his call, and more

so upon hearing about a present, but it was only when she finally saw

what he had gotten her that he was graced with complete and utter

silence. But that was understandable. No one expected their birthday

present to be so messy. And it wasn’t at all common to receive a body

anytime of the year. Kind of morbid, kills the celebration. But still, it

was perfect! Just because it was unwrapped and covered in gore

didn’t mean he loved her any less! He had little time to clean up after

the job, and besides, she had no problem with blood. He had the

scars to prove that. Yes, he had put a lot of thought into what to get

her, and was sure this time he had found exactly what she wanted.

Steve’s mind blanked as he noticed her face, angry and disgusted.

He was confused. Glancing around, he tried to spot the target of her

anger. It was her birthday, and he had gotten her a present, nothing

should upset that. Where was the gratitude he should be shown?

Why was her reaction so wrong? ‘Mary, what’�?’� He jerked, her fist

connecting painfully against his nose, shattering it easily. ‘Mary!’� The

next blow landed upon his shin, shooting shards of pain into his brain.

Screaming, he collapsed beside to the corpse he had so carefully

prepared for her. He had been so sure he had finally found a way to

bring her back to him, and this is how she reacts? He knew she loved

him, what had he done wrong?

He curled into a ball accepting the blows as they crashed into his

side. She was crying, her choking sobs rising above the dull thud of

her beating and echoing terribly in the dimly lit apartment. ’But Mary,

I thought you wanted’�? THUD ‘You said you wanted’�’� THUD ’You

wanted him dead!‘� he screamed. He didn’t understand. How many

times had she told him to kill him? How many times a day had she

broken down remembering the mans violent abuse? She shouldn’t be

angry with him, he had only done what she wanted, done what he

could to make her happy. She didn’t want the bastard alive. It wasn’t

his fault.

The kicking stopped, and it was moments before he realized why. It

happened so fast he wasn’t even aware of doing it, aware of moving at

all. Aware of the knife. Steve was stunned. He didn’t know what

happened. Only seconds ago she had been standing above him,

beautiful even through the disgust and hatred which had consumed

her face, and now she was crumpled and bleeding at his feet. He

didn’t know why he had done it, only knew that the idea of her being

disappointed in him was too much to bear. It wasn’t his fault.

And then he was kneeling, still not realizing what he had done.

‘Mary?’� His voice was calm, patient, as if he were addressing a

bothersome child who had just stolen the last cookie from the jar.

‘Mary, what’re you doing? Oh geeze, that looks bad’�’� He frowned

slightly, his forehead wrinkling as if confused. ’You’re getting red on

my shoe Mary. Get up now’�Please get up?…Mary’�? Would you

move?!’� This last sentence turned to a shriek, and he kicked her,

breaking her jaw and giving her face a demonic, grinning expression of

frozen amusement. ‘Stop smiling Mary, it’s not funny!’� He kicked her

again, repeatedly beating her lifeless body until all that remained was

a sticky pile of gore. By now he was crying himself, howls of misery

and pain which reverberated off the splattered walls. It was her

birthday! What had happened?!

But then he stopped. His head tilted to the side as if listening to

something in the empty building. ‘Not you’�? He muttered. ’It’s your

fault, all of it!’� Steve smiled widely, an insane portrait of a broken

man. ‘She would be okay now if it weren’t for you.’� He chuckled.

’She never thanked me. And think of all the trouble I had to go

through to prepare it. She would have thanked me if it weren’t for

you’�’� His eyes narrowed alarmingly, and his nails were driven deep

into his skink as he clenched his fist. ‘Shut up! I know they’re

coming! You probably called them, didn’t you!’� His voice grew

hysterical as he began to scream, spittle covering his lips. ’All of it is

your fault, it always has been! I’ve always taken the blame for you,

always!His face, filled with madness snapped around to latch his gaze

upon an ornament shelved high on the wall. It grinned back at him,

unmoving. Short and round, with its two stubby legs. Its red hat was

tall, and pointed straight toward the ceiling. ‘Stop smiling!’� He

shrieked. ’Why’re you all smiling?! There’s nothing funny!’� Blood

trickled through his fingers where his nails had dug in, and his face, a

grotesque mockery of a once handsome man, had lost all traces of

sanity. ‘Stop smiling! Mary, you too!’� He gave her one last vicious

kick before suddenly calming down.

‘I have so little time’�they’ll be here within minutes, and Mary still

hasn’t thanked me.’� He looked sadly at her now unrecognizable form,

and sighed. ’I guess that can wait. You call me when you get better,

right? Right Mary?’� Her broken face grinned silently back at him, and

he turned back to the gnome nodding his head. ’She has such a weak

stomach. Now where was’�oh yes, they’re blaming me’�’� He started

pacing, muttering to himself, and occasionally smashing his fist

against the wall. By now the sound of sirens were becoming obvious,

and steadily growing louder as he shuffled back and fourth. Slowing

down, he sighed again. ’Well, I can only think of one way to get out

of this, but you won’t like it.’� He bent to retrieve the knife he had

earlier discarded, but kept talking. The only way I can get out of this

is to blame it on someone else. And don’t give me that look.’� He

added, noticing the gnome. ‘You deserve it, you know you do. It’s

your fault, and Once they realize you’re the only living suspect,

they’ll have to take you. His face lit up, and he smiled, the one real

smile in the past half hour. ’But could you do one thing for me? One

little favor? Tell Mary I love her. When she’s out of the shower Ask

her how she liked her present.’� Glancing over at the bodies he

frowned. ‘I forgot to wrap it’�’� Shaking his head then nodding, he

turned and faced the wall. ’Goodbye little gnome, you control me no

longer.’� His last remaining thought, a confusing mix of jellybeans and

star wars ended easily, his knife sliding smoothly through his skull.

the Gnome's Knife


Westford, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

Just a very quick rough I did. I was planning to go further with it, and neaten it up, but I never remember. Critique (helpful) is always nice =)

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