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So.... I haven't been here for a while...

Wow, my last journal entry was 6 whole months ago. Sorry for my absence from this site (if anyone noticed that is :|)…

The reason is that the HSC is eating my life really :) The only art I’ve been managing to do is my art major work, which (thank goodness) is now completed.

However, there are still the trial examinations and then the actual HSC exams to go, which won’t be over until mid November :( So I don’t really see myself having much time to do anything vaguely enjoyable if i want to get into the course i want :( I might be able to fit in some shoots this holidays, but it’s a slim chance.

On the upside, after final exams are over I’ll be traveling to Vanuatu so I should come back with some lovely shots for you all :)

Just wanted to pop back in and say hi, I miss this place. Love you a

french manicures, formals and inspiration.

I just got my nails done :) So I’m typing this really slowly and carefully. My formal is tomorrow night (just the year 11 one). Excitement! Dread! I ♥ my dress.

But anyway, you don’t know this, but i was stressed out for like 2-3 weeks last term, deliberating over whether I was going to drop ancient history or art (I love them both). Maybe you’ll be happy that i finally picked art in the end lol. However i have no ideas for my major work at all and this is the whole point of this entry really, girlish things aside.

What do you look to for inspiration?

Because I’m in dire need of some right about now.

Thinking about the future. (namely, university)

Because it has to come sooner or later. As of next term, I’m officially in year 12. How scary.…

I’ve spent the past hour or so reading through university booklets and brochures and scouring the web and so I also thought I’d ask you guys for advice :)

What are you doing in life? Do you enjoy it? How hard exactly is it to get a really good UAI? (if you’re from Australia). Are you currently studying? If so, what?

To give you an idea of what I’m interested in, the subjects I’m doing for my HSC are:

  1. 4unit English (extension 2)
  2. 3unit Mathematics (extension 1)
  3. 3unit Latin (extension 1)
  4. Art

I had to drop business studies and ancient history because I had way too many units :(

Of course, I’m interested in studying visual arts in university, but I’m not sure how practical that really is. I do still need

it's my birthday :)

17! I feel so old :D

ahhh, i’m in the middle of exams :( 2 whole weeks of them, but the good thing is i have none today! so i’m going out and ignoring them :D

once exams are done, i really just wanna create something. I havent done anything in aaaages :(

how are you all?

(red dot! i have one!)Note to self: its not exactly love, its to adore

I ♥ The Cat Empire.

I have a red dot :) I’m on voluntary staff for RB now as a greeter :) yay! I get to annoy help the new members :D I’ve also just ordered 8, i think, cards so I can’t wait for them to arrive :D (thanks Challenge Cafe for the coupon!)

In sadder news, i return to school tommorrow and have.. lots of stuff i’ve neglected to do. And so, since i’m constantly checking this addictive site, i’m posting a to do list for myself :(

  1. holiday assessments! shame on you imogene! Write your essays! Read your texts! Update your VAPD! Call Erin!
  1. b&w contest features for the winners. (omgggggggg so overdue)
  1. create something!
  1. think about life.
  1. stop posting pointless journals
  1. stop falling in love like
  1. refrain from changing your profile picture multiple times in a day/week

peace out guys,

the greatest day of your life?

A week or so ago I was at work (Gloria Jeans) when this guy came up to the counter and amidst ordering some sort of coffee, asked me are you having the greatest day of your life? I didn’t really know what to reply so i just said umm… no? and he just goes why not?

now, i’m not sure if he was slightly drunk, attempting a philosophical lesson or just plain weird, but whichever it was, it was interesting XD

so go make everyday the greatest day of your life!


ps. tomorrow is the last day of term one. thank god for holidays. I really need some time off from school and stress XD maybe even create art for once

how are you all?

does anyone else do this? + Facebook

eat all the m&ms except for one colour?

i save all the blues til last. just so i can get a blue tongue :P

yes. i am procrastinating. school = blah. homework = grrrr

holidays in under 3 weeks!

oh and does anyone else have Facebook? add me :P

im back! and it's my birthday

well, it’s my birthday tomorrow :) i’ll be turning 16 :( i don’t want to grow up. ><;

exams finished yesterday! i spent the whole day today (from 8.30am-6pm) shopping for formal dresses with friends. Didn’t find one, but instead bought a few new books. lol! my feet are killing me though and buses confuse me.

i have a headache :(

taking a break from the bubble

:( exam week is this coming week so i have limited my connection with the internet, which unfortunately includes redbbule :(
so i’ll be gone for this weekend and all next week until Saturday

wish me luck!

ps. i might pop into the forums occasionally XD
pps. i survived the 40 hour famine

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