I'm back! Hopefully!

So, highschool has finally ended for good. Exam results are out; I did rather well (even for my asian mother) and life is just beginning. Already I’ve been away up the coast with friends and have just recently returned from a trip to the paradisaical Vanuatu. Now there’s another two months before university begins and hopefully I can be around here more often :)

Looking forward to being more active once again :)

♥ Imogene

back and totally jetlagged

14 hour flight + imogene = no sleep = grouchy girl

as you may have noticed from the recent uploading, i’m back =] it’s soo good to be home, though Canada was amazingly awesome!

I took my first RAW files, so i’m experimenting with HDR from just the single images (it doesnt work as well as several images but ah well) :)

hugs and kisses! ♥

oh! and i bought a snowboard =D if anyones remotely interested i’ll post pics here later?

OMG. i'm BACK!

didja miss me? huh? huh? :D

camp was awesome!! met so many cool new people and had so much fun. even if there was no toilet on the out trip night XD and no tent…

anyway, i have lots and lots of emails and stuff to catch up on. but first i just had to let you guys know i’m back :D

ps. anything big happen in the last week i should know about? XD

im back! and it's my birthday

well, it’s my birthday tomorrow :) i’ll be turning 16 :( i don’t want to grow up. ><;

exams finished yesterday! i spent the whole day today (from 8.30am-6pm) shopping for formal dresses with friends. Didn’t find one, but instead bought a few new books. lol! my feet are killing me though and buses confuse me.

i have a headache :(