I'm back! Hopefully!

So, highschool has finally ended for good. Exam results are out; I did rather well (even for my asian mother) and life is just beginning. Already I’ve been away up the coast with friends and have just recently returned from a trip to the paradisaical Vanuatu. Now there’s another two months before university begins and hopefully I can be around here more often :)

Looking forward to being more active once again :)

♥ Imogene

So.... I haven't been here for a while...

Wow, my last journal entry was 6 whole months ago. Sorry for my absence from this site (if anyone noticed that is :|)

The reason is that the HSC is eating my life really :) The only art I’ve been managing to do is my art major work, which (thank goodness) is now completed.

However, there are still the trial examinations and then the actual HSC exams to go, which won’t be over until mid November :( So I don’t really see myself having much time to do anything vaguely enjoyable if i want to get into the course i want :( I might be able to fit in some shoots this holidays, but it’s a slim chance.

On the upside, after final exams are over I’ll be traveling to Vanuatu so I should come back with some lovely shots for you all :)

Just wanted to pop back in and say hi,…