New Lightweight Hoodies. Great for laziness, business, or any other -ness.


does anyone else do this? + Facebook

eat all the m&ms except for one colour?

i save all the blues til last. just so i can get a blue tongue :P

yes. i am procrastinating. school = blah. homework = grrrr

holidays in under 3 weeks!

oh and does anyone else have Facebook? add me :P

My Entry In the PhotoShop Masters Group – Imogene Munday

1: Tell me something about the image?
This was actually made before i started a whole heap of maths homework to take out my frustration with it. I think Faizan was the one that said the butterfly could represent my textbook. XD But i think it has a much deeper meaning than that lol and everyone reads something new from it, which is awesome =]

2: How did you create it? ( you don’t have to give away any secrets )
Well, i started with a basic image of the girl and changed things such as skin colour, makeup, lips, hair. From there i tried out different animals to have her hold (it was originally a goldfish). I went through about 4 before deciding on the butterfly in it and cutting the wings a bit. I then started to erase the background and add textures over the image. Again, i went through qui

I'm leaving to go on school camp :O

leaving tomorrow at the ungodly hour of 6.20am to go on school camp for 4 days. which means no internet for that time, which means no bubbling =( sadness. so don’t get offended if i don’t respond to comments/bubblemail etc. XD

I shall miss you and so….

you all better miss me =]

hopefully it’ll be fun =D apparently we’re learning how to surf 0_0 though we have lectures in the morning on leadership/random things. XD

this is just a note to myself

fix your tee’s imogene! they have gray space around the designs!! ahhhh!

cant believe i didnt notice this until now. idiot. IDIOT.

feel free to comment this on friday morning to boost my memory (thats when i’m going home)

OMG. i'm BACK!

didja miss me? huh? huh? :D

camp was awesome!! met so many cool new people and had so much fun. even if there was no toilet on the out trip night XD and no tent…

anyway, i have lots and lots of emails and stuff to catch up on. but first i just had to let you guys know i’m back :D

ps. anything big happen in the last week i should know about? XD

i'm going away! and b&w photography group

i shall be gone, starting this afternoon(29th Sept) until friday afternoon (5th Oct). i’m going on a camp with Tazzae =] hopefully will be fun :D

and i’ve made a group which has been put up here overnight XD i came online this morning to find a whole heap of bubblemail asking how to upload etc.
Black and White photography group
it’s already got a heap of members so i’m stoked :D

anyway. I need to pack! and shower etc. so i should get going =]

ps. my formal last night was awesome! but my feet are killing me.
pps. i’m gonna miss the bubble while i’m gone :( miss me too? XD

im back! and it's my birthday

well, it’s my birthday tomorrow :) i’ll be turning 16 :( i don’t want to grow up. ><;

exams finished yesterday! i spent the whole day today (from 8.30am-6pm) shopping for formal dresses with friends. Didn’t find one, but instead bought a few new books. lol! my feet are killing me though and buses confuse me.

i have a headache :(

taking a break from the bubble

:( exam week is this coming week so i have limited my connection with the internet, which unfortunately includes redbbule :(
so i’ll be gone for this weekend and all next week until Saturday

wish me luck!

ps. i might pop into the forums occasionally XD
pps. i survived the 40 hour famine

edit with new jewellery!

so XD only of the two necklaces though because i’m lazy

first: pearl (real), wire, superglue, silver chains (2), beads
second: buttons! ribbon, big beads XD knots, clasp
third: wire, superglue, fake pearls, silver chain, clear + silver beads
fourth: hairclip, ribbon, 3 pearls (real), silver beads, superglue

the result of my boredom

made jewellery 0_o hehe, i havent made any since i was like.. 10 and then it was just the usual stuff in school lol
in china we went to a pearl market place and they opened an oyster and there were like 30 little tiny pearls in it! they were ‘imperfect’ ones though that would have just been ground up to make face cream or something so we got one each :)
so i made a necklace using one :) of course it didn’t have a hole to thread the wire through so i just kinda wrapped it up in it… if you know what i mean.and i made a weird necklace with buttons and large bright coloured beads and ribbon… XD loland now i really want to do jewellery making at school because it’s really fun, but i cant :( because its on the same day as tae kwon do and god knows i need the ex

She Ate Stars For Breakfast

She was beautiful.
An elegant and sophisticated creature of poise and corruption.
Starry chandelier skies were her backdrop and at curtain call
Nobody knew what went on in her world.
Especially not me.

I really can’t be blamed for wanting her and oh I
Wanted. Her. SO. Badly.
You’re asking me why then? Why did I do it?
You, sitting in your pristine office with white washed walls.
You, who have probably never experienced an emotion stronger
Than mild annoyance.
How could you ever possibly understand me?

Now you’re staring at me like I’m mad.
I’m not.
These feelings are simply beyond your knowledge,
Even with all your fancy degrees strung up like a hunter’s prized kills,
You will never understand THIS case.
Maybe you’ll feel something more than mild annoyance then,
Maybe you’ll even get FRUSTRATED.

You know…

thank you so much :)

thank you so much for all your kind words on my last journal entry! hugs and wow wow wow wow wow. Somebody bought a print of “Sunset at the Pier” ( I’d really love to know who it was (so i can shower them in love). Could you perhaps comment here or email me ( though if you don’t want to, thats fine :)
ah i know i’m immature but now i can go “seeeeee?” to mum XD
much love! gives everyone cookies and hugs

oh and, do you think i should upload photo manipulations here too?
the only thing is the files aren’t as high res so i probably can’t upload large sizes and i’d have to get permission from stock artists (if i used their stock) hmmm
worth it? (they’re…

I wish....

that mum would let me buy a print of my own work XD It’d be nice to have a hard copy of something for once
yet all she says is i should take down my work from sale.
well i guess its not as if i’m ever going to sell something, but hopefully i’ll be able to buy something myself in the future

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