She Ate Stars For Breakfast

She was beautiful.
An elegant and sophisticated creature of poise and corruption.
Starry chandelier skies were her backdrop and at curtain call
Nobody knew what went on in her world.
Especially not me.

I really can’t be blamed for wanting her and oh I
Wanted. Her. SO. Badly.
You’re asking me why then? Why did I do it?
You, sitting in your pristine office with white washed walls.
You, who have probably never experienced an emotion stronger
Than mild annoyance.
How could you ever possibly understand me?

Now you’re staring at me like I’m mad.
I’m not.
These feelings are simply beyond your knowledge,
Even with all your fancy degrees strung up like a hunter’s prized kills,
You will never understand THIS case.
Maybe you’ll feel something more than mild annoyance then,
Maybe you’ll even get FRUSTRATED.

You know, she wasn’t scared of me. Not really. I know that
deep down, she had always wanted something… which was simply MORE.
More than her old life consisting of nothing more meaningful than glamour,
More than simply teasing to please countless nameless, faceless people.
I did her a favour.
I gave her the something she was looking for.
I gave her more.

She ate stars for breakfast when she was with me.

Maybe I was dreaming, but one night she even whispered
I love you into my sleeping ear.
No – I was definitely awake.
And she undeniably loved me.

Is ‘why’ the only word you can extract from your extensive vocabulary?
Surely you could pose the same question in a myriad of more interesting ways
Well, no matter.

We will be together soon in a place where nobody can touch us.
Me and her.
An eternity at hand.

And with that I bid you farewell doctor.

yeah… i write occasionally :) this is a dramatic monologue XD do you get whats happening/happenned?

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