french manicures, formals and inspiration.

I just got my nails done :) So I’m typing this really slowly and carefully. My formal is tomorrow night (just the year 11 one). Excitement! Dread! I ♥ my dress.

But anyway, you don’t know this, but i was stressed out for like 2-3 weeks last term, deliberating over whether I was going to drop ancient history or art (I love them both). Maybe you’ll be happy that i finally picked art in the end lol. However i have no ideas for my major work at all and this is the whole point of this entry really, girlish things aside.

What do you look to for inspiration?

Because I’m in dire need of some right about now.


  • Jazzyjane
    Jazzyjaneabout 6 years ago

    A theme based around frivolous girly things LOL

  • Melissa Vowell
    Melissa Vowellabout 6 years ago

    go for a walk somewhere with no aim to get a particular place and look at all the things there are to see

    BYRONabout 6 years ago

    Geez, its a good thing you were typing that really slowly Imogen, … I can’t read very fast!


  • Seothen
    Seothenabout 6 years ago

    Watch a movie you haven’t seen in years but you used to love… They Live was on tv not to long ago, I hadn’t seen it since I was twelve, and it was this huge revelation for me – ‘Whoa… this is where all my political beliefs come from…’ No fooling – pick up an old favourite, it’ll inspire and enlighten.