It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

Thinking about the future. (namely, university)

Because it has to come sooner or later. As of next term, I’m officially in year 12. How scary.

I’ve spent the past hour or so reading through university booklets and brochures and scouring the web and so I also thought I’d ask you guys for advice :)

What are you doing in life? Do you enjoy it? How hard exactly is it to get a really good UAI? (if you’re from Australia). Are you currently studying? If so, what?

To give you an idea of what I’m interested in, the subjects I’m doing for my HSC are:

  1. 4unit English (extension 2)
  2. 3unit Mathematics (extension 1)
  3. 3unit Latin (extension 1)
  4. Art

I had to drop business studies and ancient history because I had way too many units :(

Of course, I’m interested in studying visual arts in university, but I’m not sure how practical that really is. I do still need to make a living… Apart from art, the two other areas I’m interested in are law and psychology, particularly clinical psychology and I’m interested in doing philosophy and languages alongside them :) but…

arts/psychology = 98.5 UAI requirement
combined law = 99.55 UAI requirement

Just looking at those numbers makes me sad XD.

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