romanticism, existentialism and religion :)

So, I’m thinking about doing 4unit English for my HSC. I want to explore the relationship between Existentialism and Religion and basically use it as an excuse to research notions of meaning, because i reckon it’s really fascinating :D Romanticism is just in here, because it’s pretty :P

If anyone can name the authors of all these quotes, then… you’re awesome? and no googling allowed!


You must not misunderstand me, darling,
Who can affirm that God exists?
And yet who can deny it?
Is there not One who upholds and enfolds all things,
Including you, me and himself?
Does not the vault of heaven soar above us?
Does not the solid earth lie firm beneath us?
Do I not gaze into your eyes?
Does not creative life infuse your heart and mind,
Weaving eternal mysteries
Seen yet unseen even at your side?
Let that vastness fill your heart;
And when unmitigated bliss is yours,
Call it what you will,
Fate or Heart, Love or God.
For my part, I have no name for it.
Feeling is all that matters.
Names are naught but noise and smoke
That enshrouds the heavenly light.


Atheistic existentialism…declares with greater consistency that if God does not exist there is at least one being whose existence comes before its essence, a being which exists before it can be defined by any conception of it. That being is man or, as Heidegger has it, the human reality.

Man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world – and defines himself afterwards


Superstition is a deviation of religious feeling and of the practices this feeling imposes. It can even affect the worship we offer the true God, e.g., when one attributes an importance in some way magical to certain practices otherwise lawful or necessary. To attribute the efficacy of prayers or of sacramental signs to their mere external performance, apart from the interior dispositions that they demand is to fall into superstition

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