• Jo O'Brien
    Jo O'Brienalmost 6 years ago

    that is the best thing ever…. bookmarked!

  • i reckon :) i love PS. check it religiously every sunday XD and i even read the french ones and type them into a translator… lol

    – Imogene Munday

  • Steven  Sandner
    Steven Sandneralmost 6 years ago

    lol awesome!

    “i only pretend to read important documents before signing them”

  • Van Cordle
    Van Cordlealmost 6 years ago

    Haha Great!!

  • Mike Emmett
    Mike Emmettalmost 6 years ago

    Have you seen the book? Its amazing. Amazon should have it…
    The light and shade is what gets me. Some people’s secrets are so mundane. Others… not…

  • yup, i have a lifetime of secrets. i want all the other ones :D

    – Imogene Munday

  • Paul McClintock
    Paul McClintockalmost 6 years ago

    Wow, some of those nearly made me cry.

  • Duncan Waldron
    Duncan Waldronalmost 6 years ago

    It’s a fascinating site, isn’t it; I might send a card one day…

  • kossimarsalsa
    kossimarsalsaalmost 6 years ago

    oh my gosh you found it, i remember this card. i always tune in every week and i have one of the books. it’s like redbubble but less about selling stuff, they’ve both got the whole passion and creativity thing going though.


  • i love this card. its actually in the book i have and i really feel like cutting it out and sticking it up but.. that would ruin the book.

    but when i first got the book i was flipping to random pages and this came up :)

    – Imogene Munday

  • kony
    konyalmost 6 years ago

    oh dear i love postsecret too much…and one of my favourites is “everyday i’m asked to be a magician in a world where magic doesn’t exist”.

  • Julienne Orcullo
    Julienne Orculloalmost 6 years ago

    mmm postsecrets.

  • Matt Roberts
    Matt Robertsover 5 years ago

    I have the book. Love it. Want more.