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AWOL and boys.

okay, so i’ve completely been neglecting RB for the past few weeks. I blame it on it being holidays XD sorry!

Now i’m back at school (today’s first day back) I’m going to have much more cause to procrastinate and be distracted by RB :D

Holidays are lovely, there should really be more of them. But i always think i should have made more of them once they’re done. I spent too much time being a teenage girl and moping over silly things like boys.
And i got zero schoolwork done. gah.

If you’ve recently had holidays, how were they?
If not, :P and how’ve you been anyway?

also. I really wanted to make something new, but my computer hates me and is too slow to handle photoshop. sadness :(


  • Paul McClintock
    Paul McClintockover 6 years ago

    I’ll be having a bit of a holiday against my will, due to being fired.

    Yay! Hopefully it won’t be a long holiday.

  • aww, hopefully it won’t be :D but still, enjoy it if you’re able :D

    – Imogene Munday

  • Mike Emmett
    Mike Emmettover 6 years ago

    Boys are over-rated. Much better to wait til they’re older and less smelly.

    Holidays… I remember those…

  • and don’t have cooties :P

    – Imogene Munday

  • Cherished
    Cherishedover 6 years ago

    I agree, holidays are great. We are going away on holiday on the river and really looking forward to it. Have been there a few times before as is beautiful and peaceful sitting in a spa on the veranda overlooking the river.
    I also remember moping over silly things like boys when i was young lol.
    it is good being a teenager and not growin up too quick

  • oh wow, that sounds so relaxing!

    i’m so scared of growing up :(

    – Imogene Munday

  • Jared Poole
    Jared Pooleover 6 years ago

    Aww… poor Imogene. :P

    Though I find it funny the title is AWOL and boys when you only mention it once; seems as if you’re still worrying. :P

  • haha. i’m always worrying XD

    – Imogene Munday

  • jim painter
    jim painterover 6 years ago

    boo hooo my "holidays "recently consist of being consigned to a nursing home while my wife jetsoff to Adelaide or Sydney for her rest &
    recuperation after looking after me! she deserves it, I’m able to send this message because I’m at home for an hour with a carer looking after mecheers to all, Jim.

  • aww! it cant be that bad?

    – Imogene Munday