(red dot! i have one!)Note to self: its not exactly love, its to adore

I ♥ The Cat Empire.

I have a red dot :) I’m on voluntary staff for RB now as a greeter :) yay! I get to annoy help the new members :D I’ve also just ordered 8, i think, cards so I can’t wait for them to arrive :D (thanks Challenge Cafe for the coupon!)

In sadder news, i return to school tommorrow and have.. lots of stuff i’ve neglected to do. And so, since i’m constantly checking this addictive site, i’m posting a to do list for myself :(

  1. holiday assessments! shame on you imogene! Write your essays! Read your texts! Update your VAPD! Call Erin!
  1. b&w contest features for the winners. (omgggggggg so overdue)
  1. create something!
  1. think about life.
  1. stop posting pointless journals
  1. stop falling in love like
  1. refrain from changing your profile picture multiple times in a day/week

peace out guys,

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