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Designer versus Programmer...

Presently I am working on a website with someone that has no idea of aesthetic.

I am glad that the person is deep in knowledge of programs languages of all sorts.
What I did tried to learn some of in college, and I thought that learning a second language was more for me than learning a computer’s language. Yep… second languages are way easier… the proof you can read part of what I am writing, right now. Hehehe.

I am thankful that person is living not so far so we can meet to be able to put ideas together. We are both working for another person that is a common friend who wish to put on feet a new business of doggy fashion. I agree with that person that it would be interesting to join our knowledge all together to build the website.

That would be finalize for putting online by the beginning of February. So this is one of the reasons, I didn’t publish in my e-art communities any new artworks yet.

But don’t worry, I didn’t quit painting and drawing. I am still working on a calligraphy and an acrylic commission that I need to finish for later on this week. So that would be post here, when I will have so free times.


  • Jim Phillips
    Jim Phillipsalmost 2 years ago

    Can’t wait to see your site when it’s finished and combining talents is always a smart move.

  • Thanks Jim,
    After I’ve done my part for the design, (putting photographs, fonts, and the colors together..
    It would be between them two. They would have to put the paypal things on, and that would be the one who does the programming part of it that would publish it. I would be kind of waiting on them for that part as well… :) hehe

    Thanks Jim for your kind words.

    – Anne Guimond

  • Jim Phillips
    Jim Phillipsalmost 2 years ago

    Anne, I was thinking, (yeah, I know that dangerous….lol) at least you had options while in college to get some exposure to computers. Remember my generation had “Data Processing” where the data was stored on room size systems on tape. Desktops were still just a dream is some guys garage when apple was still just a piece of fruit. Years after my college years I was teaching myself some graphic design software….I couldn’t take a class because I was the first generation to use it, later we became the teachers.

  • Yep, God tell me now why I took electricity engeneering, when I got in college, cause in the 80’s up there, whatever was close to ART, was taken by the “pot smokers” and was not lookin’ good.
    On the art level, and in the rest areas of the college you could get “high” without taking anything. That gives an idea…

    I had token the “basics” of programming, the computers at that time was with big heavy grey screen and green texts, hard drives was huge with the 5" flexible disks, or tapes…. Hehe.

    I still try to learn and understand part of “javascript” or part of “html”… I catch here and there, and I put things to my own website that are actually working. And feel like a kid that just arrive to ride his bike for the first time. And the team mate that I am working with, is really patient, and willing to answer my questions. Sometimes she look at me like I am coming from another planet, but it’s all fine with me..

    I believe in the new generations, they got more programming included in their design classes, and that’s a great thing. :)

    – Anne Guimond