The Rose And The Sword

How does love appear,
And from where does it come,
And how does love always know
Where I live?

Is that the glow of your eyes,
Or is it the flame
Of two burning doves?
Are your eyes a river of fire,
Or are they a river of songs?

Oh, my beloved
How you make day out of my night,
And how you turn this earth into a carnival

Is that the glow of your eyes,
Or are those two stars?
I don’t know where to begin my tale,
The trees of tears are now ancient
In my eyelashes.
Love has been written as our destiny,
Did it make you cry
Like it did to me?
My wounds are a million and one years old,
Can you see my wounds through all this smoke?

My wounds said to me,
Like all lovers, you must die a martyr
And I said,
Oh God, have mercy – and please be kind to me.

I folded away my pain
And I asked myself,
Was it with a sword,
Or was it with a rose
That love struck me?

You invaded my soul,
You covered me with ecstasy,
You merged into me,
And blossomed on my finger tips.
You are the river that drunken me,
and dressed me with roses

Your kisses still intoxicate me,
And run like honey under my tongue.
Your touch still numbs me,
And feels like wine on my sleepy lips
And your words are like a painting
That still blinds me with colors.

Come back my love,
Come back
and rescue me from this flood of love
Feed me the milk of your love,
And with my own teeth
I will crush the stars,
And with my own hands
I will peel my own skin,
Feed me the dew of your passion,
And with it
I will dismantle the stones of this universe.
Was it with a sword,
Or was it with a rose
That you struck me?

Throw away your glasses my love, throw them away
You can see very well, believe me,
I’m the one who’s blind.

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I folded away my pain
And I asked myself,
Was it with a sword,
Or was it with a rose
That love struck me?




  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosabout 5 years ago

    close to the thinking..
    love as an idea.
    A rose…
    Rosa….(it is adorable and scented. Though…. tell me something about how can marry the Tarot inspiration… a little challenge, in order to able it to submmit ot the group. Learning the Journey of the Archetypes….new knowledges..)
    close to the thorns…
    tiny daggers of painful touch.
    Averted looks…
    little lies…
    metaphoric smiles.
    Caresses slow and moisted.
    Wait for the rose to wither,
    then….crush the petals with the fingers…
    when the are dried…
    looking for the quinessence..
    of Love.

  • Rosa, First of all; I am at AWE with your ability to read between the lines – to comprehend the unimaginable alongside the imagined, finding the truth in the midst of the the web of mystery..
    It’s simply brilliant..!!
    as for the Tarot inspiration and looking for the quinessence of love, as you cleverly put it, well………..Wouldn’t you want to know how lovers bleed..!?

    – imagineering

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosabout 5 years ago

    I just have noticed that the system has placed the paragraphs…. where it has liked it.Sorry…
    By the way… do you talk Spanish?…. creo que sí.
    Si es así, me encantaría saberlo. bueno… buenas noches.
    El sistema está totalmente loco… y me deja mi mente absurdamente agotada.

  • …Si. Yo hablo bien y entiendo mucho..

    No worries, placed or misplaced, your words penetrate …!!!!
    Muchas gracias por el todo y encantado..

    – imagineering

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonabout 5 years ago

    Lovely piece

  • Many thanks – you have a good taste..!

    – imagineering

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosabout 5 years ago

    De nada …. hombre misterioso…tu conoces mi nombre…
    aunque yo nunca me llamo a mí misma…
    Cual es el tuyo… aquel con el que puedo llamarte,
    para que luego tu te olvides de el?

  • imagineering
    imagineeringabout 5 years ago

    …The Master Sensuist…!

  • wigs
    wigsabout 5 years ago

    fabulous…. great read

  • Thank you…

    – imagineering

  • TearsCall
    TearsCallabout 5 years ago


  • Thank You…

    – imagineering

  • Erika Tirado
    Erika Tiradoabout 5 years ago

    This is sublime….it blew me away. Amazing words.

  • Many thanks…

    – imagineering

  • Alison Pearce
    Alison Pearceabout 5 years ago

    Beautiful work!!

  • Thank you…

    – imagineering

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