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My Entry in the Photoshop Masters group - Thomas Dodd

1: Tell me something about the image ..
“Beyond "is a portrait of Halley Mallison who is definitely my favorite model to work with . In addition to having a flair for the dramatic, she is also a costume designer who always shows up for shoots with multiple period dresses that she has designed . This picture was shot late at night on an abandoned bandstand in downtown Decatur Georgia . Halley was “working” the spotlight and this image was the result..

2: How did you create it?
The manipulation process involved in “Beyond” was actually quite simple. I began (as I always do) by converting the PPI of the file from 72 to 300, then I adjusted the contrast and saturation through using the curves pallette (as an adjustment layer) …I then cropped the photo to bring the focus more upon the subject’s face and began detailing the picture by subtly airbrushing some details and shadows on yet another layer (the opacity of the brush was set to 4). I then used a texture layer ( which was a picture of some ivy photographed in my back yard) and set the layer to “multiply”, adjusted the curves on that to brighten it somewhat and the piece was done….

3: What version of PhotoShop did you use?

4: Any tips or tricks you would like to Share?
It’s all about the Layers baby!
Save and Save often!
Any idea or filter you use should have it’s own layer
Use the polygonal lasso tool to cut and the free transform tool to adjust images….
Never stop learning new techniques and tricks!

5: How did you go about learning PhotoShop?
Trial and error mostly, although I did have an excellent online teacher in my early PS days – an artist from Egypt named Ahmed Sabry was kind enough to teach me some tricks (especially involving texture overlays) and I also did the tutorials on sites like Planet Photoshop and Photoshop Cafe which proved to be extremely helpful…

Interview of Thomas Dodd (aka “imageshifter”) by Randy Monteith


  • sleightflow
    sleightflowalmost 7 years ago


    If I had the photographic abilities that you do, I would have demanded my own set of tailored wings years ago and would be too high to see by now. My mother is a photographer (I just take pictures myself), and when she tells me that everyone on RB is so much better than she is, I always do the “son thing” and go “nah, mom, you’re just as good…etc.etc” but in your case (and I mean one of few), I have to say you must literally have been born with a specific seed in your soul… you are truly revolutionary! (and I hate exclamation points because I’m never that excited, but you deserve one). Good for Randy for tapping your brain… we could all use some of its wisdom…

  • Wow Gordon – thank you for the kind words.. I believe that artisitc talent CAN be developed (the old nature vs nurture debate!) and if you look at some of my earlier work (which is thankfully not online anymore!) you may agree with me… EVERYONE has a gift of some sort… but developing it takes lots of hard work and a thirst for knowledge. I am a relentless perfectionist. A good friend of mine once said to me “The only artist you should ever compare yourself to is YOU..and I agree..although I still can’t help but look at works by Seth Siro Anton
    and Linda Bergvist
    and becopme green with envy…

    – Thomas Dodd

  • vonne
    vonnealmost 7 years ago

    Welcome Thomas = ) Glad your here. You already know I Love your art. {hugs} V

  • Thank you dear Yvonne – you give good virtual hugs indeed…

    – Thomas Dodd

  • SnowDog
    SnowDogalmost 7 years ago

    Excellent work imageshifter aka Thomas your truly are a master your whole gallery proves this!

  • Thanks so much Randy – I appreciate the invite and the kind words…

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Kurt  Tutschek
    Kurt Tutschekalmost 7 years ago

    Excellent work, Thomas – it’s always a pleasure to look at your portfolio of great images.

  • Thanks Kurt – the feeling is quite mutual. You have a great imagination and technique!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Antoine Dagobert
    Antoine Dagobertalmost 7 years ago

    Gorgeous image! Beautifully done!

  • Thank you Antoine!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Tony Elliott
    Tony Elliottalmost 7 years ago

    This is incredibly insightful and apreciated. I am becoming more and more likely to invest in a creation platform such as Photoshop (as long as I can work out a way to protect the PC from the gallons of red wine I drink and spill in my creative moments).

    The way this is written makes the process sound so fluid and wonderful…

    ..but let us not forget that this process, whether you use photshop or some other programe, begins with the original shot. I look at and adore your gallery and see that first shot beneath all your layering and touch up as well as the exquisite finished products. With the original shot you show a rare brilliance.

    You do have a natural skill and you put it to use and share the results.

    Thank you for doing so.


  • You can always scan your artwork and do some editing/coloring etc in Photoshop… You have a very unique style and you might find some new ways of enhancing it digitally
    Thank you Tony – for all your wonderful comments – I appreciate them very much!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • whisperingruth
    whisperingruthalmost 7 years ago

    Brilliant creation . . . you’re a master of your craft!!

  • awww shucks Ruth – and THANKS!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • butchart
    butchartalmost 7 years ago

    i’m dumbfounded… by your extraordinary works and your process which yields these incredible results…….. you make it sound so easy simply because you have an enormous gift….. thank you for sharing it w/ the rest of us………………….. b

  • The process of working Photoshop is quite simple actually – it’s developing the eye that falls into the realm of a “gift” (although as I said to Gordon – I do think that can be developped too!)

    Thank you as always Butch!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Ravenor
    Ravenoralmost 7 years ago

    A master and his works! Awesome portfolio…

  • thank you Ravenor!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Tony Elliott
    Tony Elliottalmost 7 years ago

    Time is precious and I spend it only on those that are worth it.

    I doubt I will be sparing when it comes to you.

    Keep it up.

  • Thanks Tony – nice to interact with someone who ALWAYS get’s my mythic references!

    – Thomas Dodd