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More reasons why RedBubble doesn't suck.....

I stumbled upon RedBubble entirely by accident. Actually, I was doing a google search for “deviant art sucks” (seriously!) hoping to find some new cool sites and found a link to RedBubble through this t-shirt design
There are a few things they do here on the bubble that struck me as genius right off the bat:
1) Page views and favorite add statistics are private – I think this is a great idea and discourages a lot of the unhealthy competition and bragging that you find on a site like DeviantArt. It also let’s the image speak for itself and consequently the viewer can be totally unbiased and not swayed by how many other people like it etc. (not that any of you free thinkers reading this would ever fall into that category of course!)
I don’t think an an artist should ever gauge the worth of a creation by how many comments, page views, or fave adds are on it… Some of my least favorite images far outweigh my own personal faves in that category – but I do think it is a good barometer of what kind of work people respond to (especially when I compare it to my flickr or deviantart statistics) and an effective marketing tool in that regard..
2) I love how RedBubble combines the easy navigation of a site like Flickr with the do it yourself entrepeneurialship of cafe press…. The Popular/Featured/New search categories are also very helpful and are a great way to discover new images and artists.
3) This is definitely the friendliest net communitiy I have ever been involved with – so many people send messages and leave comments back and forth and all with a sincere enthusiasm and love for art . I hope the site always retains that feel. I think part of it can be attributed to the fact that RedBubble is so new ( and I’m guessing that membership is only in the hundreds right now) and that it hasn’t been besieged with thousands of budding artists all bent on self promotion, but not willing to interact with or support other artists… It kind of reminds me of that cool little band you like but at the same time you dread the day they sign to a major label and aren’t “yours” anymore…
My main quibble so far is this weird tag system they use here in the place of html and the lack of a comprehensive tag guide in the FAQ section… but I’m sure they’ll work that out eventually (I still haven’t figured out how you do space breaks and paragraph breaks in text – so if anyone knows that – please enlighten me!)
This place already feels like home to me and in one week, I have met some incredible people, seen some fantastic art, and have gotten a response to my images that far outweighs what I had on a lot of other sites that I had devoted a lot of time to maintaining… So thank you again – each and everyone of you – for making this such a great community to be a part of!


  • WOLF
    WOLFalmost 7 years ago

    i feel the same way

  • simpatico amigo!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • vonne
    vonnealmost 7 years ago

    Glad you are here! Its like a second family = ) This is by far the friendliest,and MOST addictive site I have ever been with too. I LOVE it = )

  • and not a dysfunctional family either – you gotta know that’s a RARE thing on the net!
    I have been more addicted to other sites, but then again – I do find myself hitting that activity button a whole helluvalot……;D

    Always a pleasure to hear from you Vonne!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstonealmost 7 years ago

    It’s always a pleasure to read good news! Welcome to the bubble, Imageshifter :)

  • It is indeed Mel – and THANK YOU!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • t1nyskert
    t1nyskertalmost 7 years ago

    er…excuse me…i rather thrive on being dysfunctional….but i can get away with it on here…the people on here are just brilliant artists…and like you said its not all about comments…its about being a part of a community…i feel very welcome here…even if i am a little…er…lets say …wierd….hehe

  • but you make dysfunctionality so damn sexy my dear! I was so glad that just a few minutes after I created myaccount here – I saw your familiar face!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Cathleen Tarawhiti
    Cathleen Taraw...almost 7 years ago

    Glad you’re here, thanks for the inspiration and help :))

  • Thanks Cathleen – and anytime – all you have to do is hollar!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • whisperingruth
    whisperingruthalmost 7 years ago

    Lovely to have an Artist of such high caliber (as yourself) join the Bubble addicts . . . LOL . . . crank up the music, keep the creativity going strong! Welcome TD!!

  • Awww – you flatter me Madame Ruth! I’m so glad to have met you – I dub thee “she who comments a lot”!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Deborah Holman
    Deborah Holmanalmost 7 years ago

    I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • Thanks Deb-glad it resonated with you!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • whisperingruth
    whisperingruthalmost 7 years ago

    LOL!! Merci! I mean, I have to live up to my name!!

  • and here I thought you only whispered to horses!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Tony Elliott
    Tony Elliottalmost 7 years ago

    I am new too and can second all of your pro-bubble comments.

    I have no idea how to use tag stuff (or Html for that matter). Anything written by me is done in word and pasted :o) Simplicity is what drew me to Bubble.

    There are people on here who create images that make every second on here worth it.

    Blessing to all of you.

  • Very true – it’s not just the friendliness that makes this place so great – it’s the high quality of art. I mean, there is alot of great art on DeviantArt and Flickr too, but you have to wade through a lot of mediocrity to find it!

    – Thomas Dodd

  • Tony Elliott
    Tony Elliottalmost 7 years ago

    I am inspired massively by the way people on here are not afraid of the genre that intrests them or means something in thier life. I know I’ve not felt afraid to post some of the poetry I write and there seems to be an understanding that truth is truth. It is awsome.

    As for the quality.. I know how I rank compared to others – but I hope the brush, dry and snap with a cannon approach amuses folk and does not bring the site down. I need to learn about this photo editing malarky and to stop being so bloody old school. :o)

  • ohhh I don’t know – being old school is kind of cool …and a good way to stand out from the herd . Either way – just follow your inner vision and you’ll be fine!

    Plus, one of my fave artists here is the very non-digital
    lauren rabbit

    – Thomas Dodd