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Hey there. Coming to check out my work? Thanks. Have fun with that. Some of it’s not bad and I really like it. Other pieces I hate, so let me know what you think.
It’s 1am in Australia (EST) so I’m tired but I can’t sleep so I thought I’d re-write my redbubble profile.

I’m a contradiction. As Frank Woodley says ‘I may contradict myself but at least I don’t contradict myself’
I’m quiet but outgoing. Caring but a bitch. I’m peaceful but easily angered. Soft spoken but with a temper. Completely open but completely hidden.

I spend most of my time pretending I’m ok. I spend my other time helping my friends deal with their baggage. Because that means I don’t have to deal with my own. Writing is really my only outlet where I feel comfortable to admit to my failings. Or my issues or whatever.

  • Age: 22
  • Joined: October 2009


Goodbye vs. Goodnight

You know what? You’re right. I can’t say goodbye. / I’ve had to say goodbye to my aunt. And by extension my cousins. / I’ve been to 5 different schools. With new friends in each of them. None of the moves were my choice. / I am currently losing my grandma, and you know what? I’m terrified everytime I say goodbye that it will be the last time I get the chance. / So yo…
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…and cry

I see you, / out of the corner / of my eye / Why are you here? / Why are you near me? / Are you trying, / to make me miserable? / You writ…


It took me a while / To realise, / that what I’m feeling / is a strange emotion / called happiness. / Then I was sad, / because I cou…

Poisonous Words

The words / they are poison in my mouth, / but I say them anyway. / They hurt you, / rubbing salt into a wound, / I am sorry, / but they ar…


the statue / was meant to always be there / It had stood in the corner / for as long as she / could remember. / It was not pretty. / It was…

you and me…

I always swore / it would be you / and me / up against the world / And you said to me / I wouldn’t last / That there was too much shi…

Maybe it’s the shadows

Maybe. / Maybe I pull away. / But the darkness, / oh the darkness, / it pulls me in / And I can’t escape. / It swirls / and it whir…

When we were happy

And now we can’t talk / we can’t spend time / together / without being awkward. / And even though / neither of us / are in lov…

I love you

Dear Liebchen, / Perhaps you will / Never / Understand why I love you / But I promise you / (and you know how / I hate to break my word) / …

Thank you

Thank you / for breaking my heart / from being dishonest / right from the start / Thank you / for giving me a shove / to remind me why / I …

I miss you

I wish you were / here with me / right now / That we weren’t separated / by what feels / like an ocean.

You don’t know

If only / you knew / what it’s like / to be me. / Maybe then / you wouldn’t / tell me / how ‘lucky’ I am. / Maybe…

Losing you

You know what / the sad thing is? / The fact that I / didn’t realise / that I loved you / until
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