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…and cry

I see you, / out of the corner / of my eye / Why are you here? / Why are you near me? / Are you trying, / to make me miserable? / You writ…


It took me a while / To realise, / that what I’m feeling / is a strange emotion / called happiness. / Then I was sad, / because I cou…

Poisonous Words

The words / they are poison in my mouth, / but I say them anyway. / They hurt you, / rubbing salt into a wound, / I am sorry, / but they ar…


the statue / was meant to always be there / It had stood in the corner / for as long as she / could remember. / It was not pretty. / It was…

you and me…

I always swore / it would be you / and me / up against the world / And you said to me / I wouldn’t last / That there was too much shi…

Maybe it’s the shadows

Maybe. / Maybe I pull away. / But the darkness, / oh the darkness, / it pulls me in / And I can’t escape. / It swirls / and it whir…

When we were happy

And now we can’t talk / we can’t spend time / together / without being awkward. / And even though / neither of us / are in lov…

I love you

Dear Liebchen, / Perhaps you will / Never / Understand why I love you / But I promise you / (and you know how / I hate to break my word) / …

Thank you

Thank you / for breaking my heart / from being dishonest / right from the start / Thank you / for giving me a shove / to remind me why / I …

I miss you

I wish you were / here with me / right now / That we weren’t separated / by what feels / like an ocean.

You don’t know

If only / you knew / what it’s like / to be me. / Maybe then / you wouldn’t / tell me / how ‘lucky’ I am. / Maybe…

Losing you

You know what / the sad thing is? / The fact that I / didn’t realise / that I loved you / until

I die a little

When I hug / it’s not for you, / it’s for me, / I need a life-line / somebody to ground me / to anchor me / to keep me from / f…


But she doesn’t / hate silence / as much as she / hates noise. / Noise traps her, / surrounds her.

What is left

Every time I see you / I want to cry / We used to be so simple / We used to be so happy / and now

…you lied

So, / I’ve just found out / You’ve lied to me / My entire life. / You never told me / All of this. / You never told me / The type of risk. …
Evolution by iloveyoumiss Blinded by iloveyoumiss

One Day

Today, / I didn’t feel like / putting on my mask. / I didn’t feel like / playing the part of / the happy, / content, / perfect child.

Every day is any day

3 / I hide from you / every day / I avoid telling you / every day / I cry / every day

Please don’t cry

Please, / do not cry. / not on my behalf. / I am not worth / the tears.
untitled-ed by iloveyoumiss

Don’t call me beautiful.

Don’t call me beautiful / Call me a bitch, or call me love / but whatever you decide / do NOT call me beautiful.

Sleep (again)

I would rather / sleep forever, / to never / wake up.

I miss the magic

I miss the magic / of my childhood / When mum could / kiss it better / and dad was my hero. / When my sister was / my bestest friend / and …

I hate that I love you

I cannot help / but / love every single thing / about you. / And you drive me / crazy

Why do we sleep?

Is it for a break? / To help us escape reality? / To allow us to relax? / My dream world / is worse than / my real world / So I would rath…

‘What are you afraid of?’

She does not fear being alone / Because she already is, / lost in her thoughts and mind / where no-one else can enter.
Singularity by iloveyoumiss

Hating the shadows

She sits / surrounded / by the darkness / of her own / creation / of her own / imagination.

What words I am

I snap / And those around me recoil / I don’t like people though / I like solitude.

Is this love?

Is it love that makes me lie / To say that I’m ok / That everything’s alright?


Slowly the cliff / collapses. / rock by rock. / The cliff recedes, / it loses it’s edges / and it’s beauty. / It happens so s…

But I still love you

You like guys / and I still love you. / Even though I know you’ll never, / ever, / feel the same way.

My lack of sleep

It scares you, / because you think I do it on purpose. / The worst thing though / is that it is accidental / Because that means / that I am…

Should I?

Every time I look in the mirror / should I start to cry? / Should I want to die? / Should I feel so fat? / so ugly? / so unloved? / so usel…

Can’t you see?

Will you ever stop lying? / Maybe tell someone the truth? / That you hurt yourself / More than anyone else ever could

Do you love both me and her?

Does that mean I should not love her? / She makes me happy, Lord. / But the church says that gays make you sad. / Is that true, Lord?

Hard to get through the silence

The silence that is there / Whenever I see you / Makes it hard for me / To make it through.

A heart to love you with

But my heart is slowly breaking / Piece by piece / The cracks are extending / And soon it will shatter

I am ‘good’

Why do we even bother with / Pretending anymore? / We both know / That neither one of us is ‘good’.

Why can’t you stay?

What am I supposed to do / Without you? / You are my best friend / But now you are leaving, / And there is nothing I can do.

Hiding within a maze

You’ve always had a maze / That surrounded you / But it used to be simpler, / I was still the only one / Who could get through it. / But mo…

Scars are forever

The scars won’t leave / They’re here to stay / You can pretend / That it did not happen / But it did / And they’re not leaving

What you don’t notice

I know I have a problem / And you don’t seem to notice. / I know you have problems. / But just once, / Do you think maybe you could notice …

I love her, because she’s her

Maybe most people / Would say that you / Are more beautiful / But the reason I love her, not you / Is she is her / And you are you.

I love your ‘imperfections’

You press your lips / Against my finger / And I find myself / Falling for you all over again.

The overration of Happiness

Happiness is overrated. / I know it. / You know it.

I can’t share it with you

I can’t always share / Because the truth is too scary / And I don’t want to hurt you / By letting you in.

Lies of protection

I am scared / They will whisper / Lies about me / Laugh about me / But more than that / I am terrified / They will whisper / About you.

If only I still loved you

I wish that / We were friends again / Like we used to be / I wish that / We didn’t fight / About every little thing

Why don’t you let me?

You swear you love me / That you will love me forever / Then why / Won’t you let me say / “I love you”?

Hidden Scars

The scars on me / You won’t find on a wrist / You’ll have to search hard / Just to see if they exist

I tried to make you stay

Darling, I swear / You had a choice / If only you had listened / to my voice.

Real Math

The maximum value of f(x) = (x-2)^2 +1, 0<x<1 is: / The maximum value? / NONE!

Not Good Enough

I’m not good enough. / I know that. / I really don’t need you / Not if you’re going to tell me that

Mama said I was beautiful

Because their opinion doesn’t matter, the only opinion that matters is mine. And without you mama I cannot see myself as smart, funny, perf…

What I would change

I would change / Smart to dumb / Unique to conformity / Loud to quiet / Independent to dependent / Myself for you.

I am in Pain

P anic / A ngst / I gnorance / N obody

Hidden Thoughts

How was your weekend? / Did you hurt yourself? / It was fine. / Please don’t make me lie to you.

It is ok

It’s ok / You know / To love / Who you love

A Face of Pain

See the pain / That is etched across his face? / He doesn’t love / He doesn’t care / He doesn’t live / You could have stopped it / But you …

Only Softly

You kiss me / Only softly / This is when we’re at our best.


That’s how I feel. / Every time / You talk to me.


A Complicated complication. / That’s what you are.

Imaginary Friend

What good am I? / If I can’t even help my imaginary friend?

Playing Catch Up

Don’t move. / I need to catch up. / Wait for me. / Please.

Not Her

She can’t escape / Not from them / They hold her / They strangle her


The pain burns. / Deep within her heart.

Saying Sorry

I didn’t mean to hurt you. / I am sorry / I really wanted to help

Prince vs. Princess

She doesn’t want a prince / She wants a princess / She doesn’t want to marry / She wants the right


I would leave too / But I find myself / Too attached / to the living


Kiss. / Kiss. / Kiss. / I’m sorry


When you’ve been told your best is not enough / No-one else will understand / What it was that made you rough


I am just one single weed / Amongst many roses standing tall


Lies on the outside / Truth on the inside / Straight on the outside / Gay on the inside

Monsters of the Night

That I wish it would just stop / The monster roars inside of me / It tries to escape / I won’t let it

Criticism Goes Both Ways

Am I / Cynical? / Sarcastic?


Silence can tell.

Loose Foundations

You shrug / And pull away / You mouth that you’re sorry / You don’t want to be saved.
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