Freelance Artist born and bred in Melbourne.
I draw mostly Chibi and comic style art. I am very versatile with my work and can achieve a larger variety of styles where applicable.
I am currently the lead illustrator on the comic The Legend of Rock which you can find here:

Also working on a few other small projects also which you can read about more on my website as they get closer to release :)

  • Age: 27
  • Joined: August 2009


Too long delayed

So i’ve put off putting a journal here on my Redbubble for a very long while. / Not for any specific reason other than ive never quite known what to write here! / Thats probably my problem with any blog i begin, i just dont know what to say, and i honestly dont think that im interesting enough to others to share. / But hey! lets give it a shot! / I’ve have this redbubble account for m…
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