A self-taught designer who is slightly obsessed with British TV shows and spends far too much time on the internet and photoshop.

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Still Here!

I’ve been debating whether to put up some of my amateur photography as cards/prints, but if you have any requests for designs, don’t hesitate to send them in :)
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Fandom Valentines

Adding a bunch of Fandom Valentines cards :)
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Happy Christmas and Merlin Finale Day!

sobbing ilu merlin / P.S. Christmas/New Years sale will be on till 31st Jan 2013
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CHRISTMAS IS KIND OF ALMOST HERE AND I LOVE IT AND IT’S 10% OFF ALL SHIRTS BECAUSE CHRISTMAS!!!1 / P.S. Added a bunch of new shirts to Merlin and Disney/Once Upon a Time. Another Merlin shirt, as requested, is still in process since I can’t get it to look right.
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