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I love t-shirts. And chocolate. And beer. And Spanish sun. Sometimes.
These are just the basics, actually I love a lot of things: cheese, wine, coffee, Ireland, TV shows, basketball, macs…

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The Night is Dark...

Hey! My new design is on sale exclusively at Shirt.Woot! Check it out!
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Hey Whovians! If there’s something wrong in London, WHO ya gonna call? / Doctor Who, of course!!! / Get this awesome t-shirt at on May 23-24th, just for $11 !!!
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Grumpy Arrow at ShirtPunch

I almost forget it! / is featuring my Grumpy Arrow today (Sun. May 11), as low as $10!!! / Hope you like it
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When Harry met Katniss - Catching Fire Edition

My Patrunus is a Mockingjay and now it’s on Fire! / This awesome t-shirt had to find a new home at and, sorry for the inconvenience.
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