Greetings, I’m Kara.

I am simply an amateur photographer who loves to travel, wants to travel even more, and would love to gain more experience in the field of photography, as well as meet others passionate about photography like myself.

Please feel free to take a look around & if you feel so inclined, even buy something!


All photos and other artwork are copyright ©Kara Salame

All Rights Reserved – copying, editing, publishing, altering, displaying, or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited: in other words, my artwork is not public domain. If you wish to use any of my images for any reason, please contact me for permission.

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Featured Work

I would just like to send a HUGE thank you to the “Just Pure Nature” and “! Inspired Art ! (by Quotes or Poems or Music or Stories)” for the featuring of some of my artwork lately [: / Hopefully I’ll start taking some more photos here soon (and better ones) and start getting even more work featured…that’d be nice! [: / But yes, thank you to those groups a…
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Redbubble Feature

I would like to thank Redbubble for the feature of my photograph “A New Friend” as well as thank all of those who have been commenting and favorite-ing my work lately – this really has me thrilled! [:
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