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IDGARA: Eye – De – Ga- Ra (Integrated Digital Graphics And Related Art)

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IDGARA. Eye – De – Ga- Ra (Integrated Digital Graphics And Related Art)
Expressionist works. Themes of past, present and future,
with emphasis on both the resilience, and the fragility of the human condition.

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Works 2007 to 2014

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And it makes me wonder

Here is some interesting reading, where all the sold Redbubble artworks end up… /
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Thank you

Thank you to the person who bought a large print of TAPAS. / The work was created because I love the lifestyle and the food and,researching the history of “TAPAS” gave me a wealth of mental images and imagination for how TAPAS are celebrated and enjoyed across the globe. / One thing is for sure, I certainly miss Barrells Restaurant TAPAS nearby; spilling out onto the sidewalk on a ba…
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Worth Considering

Here are some thoughts worth considering in relation to Artist’s “Descriptions” of their works. the relationship between those who buy art: and the Artist. /
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December 2013. / Listening to MUSE: Second Law – Isolated System, I got down to reading the fine print on the CD cover art on another of their albums :MUSE: The Resistance. / / There’s some really creative stuff by these guys. so full of color and, well see for yourself. / Happy Festive Season and / Keep your Nods Up. / IDGARA
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