Waltham Cross, United Kingdom

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I think life is about indulging creative and curiosity or mine is any way. How do I indulge my creative and curiosity? Any way I can, Art in any form I have the opportunity, tools and Desire to do.
I grow-up in Enfield the northernmost London borough until i moved to Canterbury to study fine art sculpture at university. After university I moved Waltham Cross (just outside Enfield)


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facebook groups i use for self-promotion

here are the facebook groups i use for self-promotion / art groups / contemporary Art / ARTISTS TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING / Creative Artist And Writers In Mind / Artist DIY marketing co-op / Creative Britain – writers / musicians / visual artists / t-shirt groups / The Tee Collective / T-SHIRT DESIGNERS / redbubble groups / RedBubble / Redbubble Café aka facebubble
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the the end is nigh again ( Feb 22 2014 this time )

The Apocalypse, known as Ragnarök is predicted to take place on 22 February 2014(so wikipedia tells me) when i googled this no one seem to be taking it seriously but most news papers appear to of covered the story because we all love a good Apocalypse / and so here are some Apocalypse themed stuff
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the bats are out of the bag

i have sold second bats & butterflies this week this time in sticker form
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i have just sold my 2nd iphone cover / so a big thank you to who ever you are for buying my work
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