“What should I write in my Red Bubble profile?” I foolishly asked my wife.

Why don’t you tell them how “Just ducking out for an hour to get a couple of photos” translates to “don’t expect me back anytime soon” she replied. Or tell them how it took us over 7 hours to drive 15kms in New Zealand, yer tell them that. Oh and don’t forget to mention the time you fell off the waterfall trying to get a better shot and damn near broke your neck, or that time you got washed off the rocks ……. No, better still, tell them how you declared a day of mourning and organised a wake when they announced that Kodachrome was going out of production, Oh yer and don’t forget to mention nearly getting arrested in Ireland for taking photos in a prohibited area and the time ………….

“Sorry I asked” I said as her rant continued.

Let’s just say photography has been a big part of my life for a long time so I hope you enjoy the results.

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