Hey there everyone! I’m always really bad at these bio things, but here goes. I’m eighteen, and a creative writing teacher at my homeschool co-op, which is frequently referred to as “homeschool jamboree.” I’m also currently a student there, and am taking Calculus and Biological Sciences for Premedical Majors. I’m a nerdfighter (DFTBA) a Whovian (Alon-sy!) a Sherlockian (Bored!) and a NaNoWriMo writer (Plot ninjas, attack!). I’m also an amateur artist, but I’m still getting the hang of anatomy and perspective. My favorite words are “huzzah” and “hyperbole”. I’m also determined to start a movement which gets people to say a word besides “awesome” to express enthusiasm. … I also ramble. Which is apparent. So yes. Expect designs on any of these things, from lame math jokes to quantum chromodynamics. That is all.

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