The Love of Two Lost Souls (Pt. 4)

With every great love story, there is an obstacle. Everyone must learn in their own way how to deal with the struggles and dilemmas that come with them in life. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Both Britany and Jason knew that the time was coming. They couldn’t keep their love a secret from Rachael for too long. She wasn’t stupid, they both knew that.

It was December 11th, 2007. The pair were on a date in Times Square. Her favorite place. Well, second favorite place. Tomkin’s Square was her absolute favorite place. He had surprised her by taking her there on one of their many dates since that first kiss they had shared. He stood there, inhaling his nicotine stick, eyes peering over to her. She giggled and took a drag of her own cigarette.
She exhaled her smoke and looked him right in the eye. “I have a question,” she stated, simply. His eyebrows furrowed and a smile broke out over his face. “Yes?” he asked. Her heart began to race and those butterflies took over her stomach. “Am I your girlfriend?" Her throat cracked as the words left her mouth.

Jason’s lips curved into a smile and he nodded. “Um, duh,” he remarked. Sheer relief took over her head, her heart, and her soul. She smiled and began to laugh. “You’ve never asked me to be your girlfriend,” she replied.

He brought his forehead and her eyes instantly closed, then reopened. He took a deep breath and smiled. “Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked her. Her heart practically leaped out of her chest as she nodded. “Yes, I will,” she said with a smirk crossing her lips. They shared a brief kiss before they took a drag of their respective cigarettes. He took a hold of her hand and smiled at her, his head shaking slightly. She had caught him looking at her this way many times throughout the course of the past almost month. She just shrugged it off and looked back at him. She knew how he was feeling, because it was how she felt about him. She loved that man more than anything and/or anyone else in the world.

Time slowly moved on for the couple. They decided that they were going to move back to Texas, so she could be by her family and they could get away from Rachael and all of the drama that New York City had for them. It was going to be difficult, but what needed to be done, needed to be done. They both knew in their hearts that they were meant to be and Britany would stop at nothing to be with him.

The couple had been together for a mere few weeks before she discovered. If there was anything good that could be said about Rachael, it was that she wasn’t stupid by any means. She could put two and two together and make four, unlike most people could, surprisingly enough. Britany had made her way down to 23rd between Park and Madison Avenue to see the man she was falling desperately in love with more and more every day. To her surprise, Rachael was already there. She had gone to the Bath & Body works on the corner and decided to drop by.

Britany sighed when she saw her phone had a missed call as she made her way out of the subway stairway. She looked and saw that it had been her roommate and she nodded, knowing that something was about to happen that was going to shake her. It always did happen when it came to this woman.

Walking across the busy street, not caring if cars would hit or miss her, she made her way towards the workplace of her love and she smiled. It had been a while since she had been working there and every time she walked in, she flashed back to the day that she had met him. Jason made his way out of the back and her lips opened to reveal her white teeth in a smile to see him. He smiled in return and turned opened his hand to reveal a cigarette and a lighter. She nodded, unzipping her purse, taking a step back and not looking as she accidentally bumped into someone. “Sorry,” she muttered as she turned around and saw that she had bumped into Rachael. “OH! Sorry about that honey!” Britany said again as she put her hand on Rachael’s shoulder.

Rachael smiled and Britany knew something was up, but she wasn’t sure what. “Whatcha doin, Britany? HEY JASON!” she said, hugging Jason and he wrapped an arm around her in return. Britany’s heart splintered and cracked for just a second. Jason’s eyes reassured her. “Hey, kiddo! How are ya? We’re gonna go smoke, wanna come stand with us?” he asked her. She nodded and the three made their way outside as Britany quickly lit a cigarette. Jason furrowed his eyebrows and then lit his and they shared a conversation mostly based on small talk. When he made his way inside, his eyes caught Britany’s and she could feel the pain in them. He had wanted to kiss her, hug, her hold her, but he couldn’t for two reasons. One, Rachael was there. Two, he was at work.

She nodded and smiled back at him, walking over to give him a hug, then he hugged Rachael, making his way back inside. He was gonna come over after work and eat some dinner with the two. That gave her hope. She turned her eyes to Rachael and smiled. “You ready to head home?” she asked. Rachael just shook her head and kept walking, which confused Britany, and rightfully so. She started walking and asked Rachael her roommate what was up. “You two are fucking dating, aren’t you?” she asked. Britany’s heart began to race and she shook her head. “No, we’re not,” she lied. Rachael made her way down the stairs at a damn near spring, punching the wall as she did so. “I saw the way you two looked at each other. STOP FUCKING LYING TO ME!” she yelled.

This was a new place for Britany. She hadn’t come to terms with the fact that they were dating yet, much less having to deal with this too. She still had 6 months left on her lease. She was legally bound to that and if she tried to leave, she’d be screwed. Britany just shook her head. “We’re not dating, Rachael. We’ve talked about it, but we’re not,” she lied again. She wasn’t going to risk everything in one night. Rachael just shook her head, the train pulling up to them. “You’re a fucking liar,” she said again. She made her way onto the train and Britany did, too, her heart racing a mile a minute.

When they made their way out of the subway towards their home, Rachael told Britany that she wanted Jason’s keys back and the book he was borrowing from her at the time. Britany feared the worse. She didn’t want to lie anymore, but she knew for her safety, to lie was a necessity. When it came time for Jason to show up, Rachael made her way downstairs. Britany called Jason and told him that she was pissed, and he sighed, getting his stuff together. Britany made her way downstairs a few minutes later, hearing Rachael talking about her to her parents. Hearing the things she said about her made her heart hurt. It was never meant to hurt Rachael. One cannot help what the heart wants. Rachael turned around and glared at Britany. “Go back upstairs,” she said. Britany just sighed and shook her head. “Marcelle asked me to meet her downstairs. We’re just going to her stoop,” she said. Rachael just rolled her eyes. “Well, you stay there,” she said.

“You’re not my mom, bitch,” Britany thought, but didn’t dare say aloud. She nodded and made her way to the stoop, hearing Marcelle’s feet stomping down the stairs and she sat with her. “What’s going on?” she asked. Britany was shaking and she just sighted. “Rachael found out that Jason and I were talking about dating,” she whispered, winking at Marcelle, who knew everything.

A half an hour went by, countless cigarettes as well. When Britany saw Rachael walk upstairs, she got up and ran over to the side, looking for Jason. He was gone. She sighed and shook her head. She made her way back to Marcelle and told her she’d talk to her later. Marcelle just nodded and went on to walk her dog as Britany made her way upstairs to see what Rachael was doing. Rachael closed her laptop screen and rolled her eyes. “How’d he know about the keys and the book?” she asked. Britany sighed. No point in lying to her roommate now. “I told him so that he would be aware and not be completely shocked at how pissed you were when he got here,” she said.

“Get your stuff. We’re going somewhere,” Rachael said. Britany just shook her head. “Please, no. Don’t kick me out. I told him I’d have to think about it, and I do need to think about it. No decisions were made, just let me sleep,” Britany begged. Rachael sighed. “Get in bed. I don’t want to see you, because if I do, or if I find out you’re still lying to me, I’ll stab you and him in your sleep," she said, grabbing a knife out of the kitchen. That was when it was decided. Time to leave. Britany made her way into her bedroom, crawling into the sheets and letting her eyes slip closed so that this day could end.

The Love of Two Lost Souls (Pt. 4)

Bri Preston

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Britany and Jason are found out. One more part in my series.

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