I have always been fascinated with the lens. Even as a kid, I used to get creative with the camera, photographing my toy dinosaurs from interesting angles to make them look bigger and more interesting than they actually were. As an adult I strayed away from stills photography and took up filmmaking as a career. Firstly as a cinematographer but then an editor and visual effects artist.

It was my work in the visual effects field that introduced me to Photoshop way back in the early versions before there was a ‘CS’ attached to it. With my passion for creating imagery, I was drawn back to the stills photography in order to gather my stock images to create digital artwork. In the last several years however, I have gone back to basics and fallen in love with landscape photography. Sometimes old habits resurface and I get the urge to create something fantastical out of a landscape shot or introduce mood and emotion by going beyond just basic colour corrections.

In the past year I have been blessed to find my partner Louise Delahunty (or more to the point, she found me). She is the love of my life, soul mate and a great photographer in her own right. She has her own RedBubble Profile: Drops Of Jupiter. Together we are going on road trips and exploring Australia bit by bit. We will be launching our own web site soon with tales of our adventures. Oh yeah, and taking many, many photos and exploring the art form together.

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rb10K = Thank You

At some point in the wee hours of the night, I reached a milestone with redbubble. My view counter clicked over to ten thousand views. I know it’s not really that big of a number when you consider that I’ve been an RB member of two years now. But it’s still bigger than the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine numbers that came before it. / I could spend time making up a lo…
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I've been slack...

Well, not really. Actually I’ve been very busy. It’s just that I’ve been slack around these parts. / But I’m going to make a come back! / I hear the loud roar of a one armed man clapping in the back row. / But seriously… Some of you already know that last year I went on a Photographic exploration of Australia. I didn’t quite make it all the way around but did g…
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