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Move over Queen, Prince and Kate! It’s my turn!

So my trip which has been in plans for months is finally coming up in about 3 weeks!
I have let some people know but didn’t have any itinerary on the table at the time. So below is what my trip approximately will look like (pretty busy eh?). My dear friends Lana and Gouzel are graciously hosting me and will be with me at all times. If any of you are interested in joining us, you’re more than welcome as I’d like to see many people I have been in touch with on the Bubble for a while!

Please note everything below (except my flight dates) is subject to change.
Please bmail me and I’ll give you my contact info if you’d like to shoot with us.

_19th May – Arrival in London in the morning, then…. London or Stonehenge…(I prefer London at night)
20th May – My choice…. London all day!
21st May – Warwick Castle, parks and sites nearby….
22nd May – Back to Filey through Bourton on the Water
23rd May – Castle Howard
24th May – Revoux Abbey and around castles and hill place
25th May – Fountains Abbey
26th May – Whitby, Sands Ends, Scarborough
27th May – Sledmere plus warren peray village?
28th May – Going to Snowdonia
29th May – Snowdonia Mountains, seasides, castles
30th May – PortMerion and surrounding areas, castles, seasides
31st May – Flight back to New York… _


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